18 Feb 2015

Rant time You know you've missed them

Howdily doodily!

Ok, so this might be considered a somewhat controversial comment and I dont mean to offend anyone if I inadvertently do with my rant today.

In September 2013 I bought  fitbit one and enjoyed using it and made a couple of friends and loved to track my steps especially as I walk everywhere. Most of you will be aware that from May 2014 I was out of action, but as I am (fingers crossed) all on the mend now, I want to start tracking my steps again.

I rejoined the site and sadly it had deleted all my friends from before and I have to start again. I thought the best thing to do is to join a group and that way I can at the very least compare my daily steps/weekly steps etc with them. So I am perusing the list of groups when I come across one called 'Women of color unite' and then it says in its description, because our body types and health issues are different.

This makes me cross. I am aware that people rarely are cross these days preferring instead to be angry, But cross is what I am.

I consider this to be racist. I could be in a room full of white women, thousands of them, and no two of us would have identical bodies (unless identical twins) or identical health issues. Our common body woes and health issues would cover a spectrum as would those with women of color. I think this group shouldn't be allowed to exist, I think it should be 'Women unite',  God knows we need some unity in this world of ours, and that if you are a woman of color who wants to discuss an issue that you may feel only effects women of color then say that and find out who responds and you may just be surprised!

If I started a group called 'Pale and interesting' for white women because lets face it our body types and health issues are different, I am pretty sure that this would be unacceptable.

Anyway, rant over! What do you think? Do you believe in inclusivity and equality for all as I do? Or do you think something else? Feel free to share in the comments below.


  1. It's sticky, especially from a white perspective, but I believe that racism is prejudice against another race, no matter what it is and segregating in the name of "unity" is still creating racism because one race is uniting against another in favor of their own. You can't be truly equal that way. But it's also not something that will probably ever change, so all you can do is do what you think is right.


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