13 Feb 2014

Women in horror


How exactly have I managed to miss the first half of February?

I just stopped by to tell you about the eZine in which the story 'Inside:Out' has been printed? Is it called printed if its an ezine? Who knows! All I know is that I have been included.

I sincerely recommend you have a read of the February issue which has a focus on 'Women in Horror'. I submitted my story around the same time that I posted the full version here on my blog so it has been quite a while. I had a couple of weeks wait to find out if my submission had been accepted. Its one of those things where you have no idea on the submission process after you submit, how are the stories chosen? How is it decided where they come in the list of contents? and so on and so forth. I was happy to have the story accepted.

There are many other wonderful horror stories written by women in this months eZine but if you are interested I am on page 147. Its a great snooker score! hehe.

Oh! I guess you will be needing the link so here it is and enjoy!

BloodDrive WIHMlogo2014

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