26 Nov 2013

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, its over the slump I go!

Hey…anyone there?

Someone left this place in a bit of a dusty mess…it looks thoroughly neglected…me?...Really? It was me?!

I was abducted by procrastinaliens!

Anyway, it’s almost December and I can fell the gentle buzz of Christmas spirit, I’m fully prepped with six Christmas movies watched already and I am bouncing up and down in anticipation of Christmas tunes!

This is the prelude to the onslaught or so I am telling myself, and the reason it has come about now? Other than the impending seasonal holiday? A charity CD, a Christmas anthology and a poem!

First up is the charity CD.

A Twitter/Blogger/Music lover friend of mine, Mike, is crowd funding a 40 track CD of unsigned indie bands to raise money for Rethink Mental Illness and The Fine Line Project. I have pledged to the cause and will also be reviewing this CD after it’s made! I might even give you a few preview reviews to whet your appetite. If you can and you love music then I would ask you to find it in your heart to pledge something, however small to this great cause. There is a lot of stigma attached to mental illness yet 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year.

If you want to check out the finer details and pledge then click HERE!

Next up, the filling to this lyrical sandwich is a Christmas Anthology that I am involved in. I think it was in September when a writer friend of mine mentioned that her and some others were putting together an anthology of Christmas stories (must be family friendly) to raise money for a charity.

This Friday 29th September my story ‘To the top of the tree’ (written under my pen name Marjie Myers) along with 74 other stories will be released! It will be available as an ebook download and also in Print! I shall be giving one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of this book so keep your eye out for that.

And finally…

I’m not promising you wordsworth here but it was the pivotal poem that woke me up from my mental slumber…

    Is it crazy to think you understand
    I meet your gaze across the room
    A look from you
    A frown from me full of nothing but doom
    I reach out and call your name
    I hope you won’t look away
    you walk towards me
    and snuggle up close and soon the worries
    fade to grey
    As I listen to the sound as you
    gently purr.
As usual, feel free to leave any comments, I loves ‘em!

Aaagh! I just read this poem and i hate it...oh well, it did its job as im out the rut!


  1. Slumps suck!! Keep writing :)

    1. Hey, thanks Marcy :) i hope you've been keeping well? Its good to hear from you.

  2. Glad to hear that you're coming out of your slump. The charity CD sounds fantastic, and it's great news that you're being published in an anthology. Keep up the good work!

    1. Aww, thanks! I think it has happened at the right time seeing as a blue cookie monster i know is going on tour soon and will expect a better host than he would have had.
      The only bad thing is that my creativity is now overflowin and i need about 7 pairs of hands to do everything at once!


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