13 Aug 2013

#MWBB - Secret Journey

Its time for #MWBB again. I never made it into the top three last week with my true story and this week I have returned to fiction.

Secret Journey

Jenny smiled politely as she shuffled past the office staff, they were all hunched over their desks, tapping away on keyboards and staring with furrowed brows into glaring screens, she on the other hand gently pushed her cleaning trolley by with ease and total relaxation.

Some would sneer down their noses at her and others treated her as equals but none knew her secret. After cleaning up after these messy employees; those seemingly unable to pour coffee into a cup, to clean up spilt sugar, and those who had large mouths that were difficult to get the food into without dropping most of it on the floor she would go to her cleaning cupboard. Carefully closing the door and turning the lock, she would remove her tabard, hanging it over the trolley, and then work through the steps in order to open the gateway.

The top shelf that held the spare toilet rolls and paper towels needed to be arranged in piles of ascending order, the middle shelf which held all the cleaning chemicals and sprays needed to be clustered by colour, and the bottom shelf completely empty. Once she had finished sorting them out she wiped her brow on the discarded tabard, all that was left to do was to do the jig, she stood on one leg and began;

As I Jig and dance about
I call upon the friends of grout
I clap my hands and then I stop
Before I dance around the mop
I stamp my feet and stack the bleach
Making sure they are in easy reach
I wiggle my bum amongst the freshener
This jig is starting to raise my body temperature
I crouch down low to grab the tissue
Kicking out like the king of Jujitsu
I turn around arms outstretched in the room
And then I pose like a witch on a broom
I’ve finished the jig to open the door
And when I look down there is no floor

The floor disappeared and this always made Jenny panic and faint. When she came to she was lying on a huge four poster bed adorned with a lace canopy and huge inviting pillows. This was different to last time when she had woken up in the Wild West, caught amidst gunfire, and covered in dust from head to toe. The time before that she had ended up in the sea in full diving gear gathering pearls and buried treasure. Jenny was excited at the prospect of being a princess.

“HEY! HEY! Open this door!”
“What is she doing in there do you think? Should we force it open?”
“I don’t know, last time we had to get the cleaning company to bring a spare key, found her in there asleep on the floor, a spray bottle in each hand like a some kind of gunfighter,”
“Oh my gosh, really?”
“Yeah, she had even slept through a box of washing powder falling on her!”
“So is this the second time it’s happened?”
“Nope, time before that she had knocked over a bucket and we found her lying in a puddle!”


  1. HA! After the first part, I just had an inkling she was gonna open up a world of wizards and dragons and elves! You sparked my imagination for the first time in forever! Thanks!

  2. Haha - glad to hear it Keebs! lol Yes, I had the idea yesterday about a cleaner with a secret life and with todays prompt it helped.


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