30 Aug 2013

A week in the life....

I have spent the last week wanting to blog but never getting around to it. So, I thought I would share with you what has happened with me in the last week!

I put in my request for tickets to the Commonwealth Games 2014 that are being held in Glasgow, Scotland. I have never been there before and am dragging my mother along with me (as she shares my love of athletics [watching]). I just have to wait until the end of September to see if I got the tickets I asked for, so fingers crossed.

And look at this cute little mascot! It is not until the end of July beginning of August next year so I have quite a wait and will have to get accommodation booked soon.

I haven't been to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival before but every year I say I will go (I have been to Edinburgh once before in 1992) and seeing as it starts a few days after my last event at the Commonwealth Games, I figured I would release my mother from captivity and I would take myself to Edinburgh for a few days of the Fringe.

Then I got toothache! It was agony and I just took loads of drugs (I have a dentist phobia due to hideous experiences) and also I had something else weighing on my mind, the day after the toothache started (brought on by grinding my teeth in my sleep as I was stressing over.....) a...

Another phobia I have is of Job Interviews - in actuality I did survive, and I tried not to stress too much, and I tried to be organised. When I arrived I went to the wrong building, then I couldnt work the water machine, then I was taken by surprise by the bin lid, then they had a work experience girl sit in on the interview, then I had an out of body experience whereby I barely recognised myself, then on the final question (my subdued toothache) flared up and I grinned through it - who knows how maniacally! But although I am not sure I was that successful, it has made me feel more positive about future job interviews, although I am slightly concerned that the agency who arranged the interview aren't answering my emails!

Anyway, once the interview was over I began mentally preparing myself for the dentist (thankfully my sister was a star and helped me sort it out and came with me), all I could think of was this...

It wasn't that bad. But I still didn't like it. I have gone full circle as I have another appointment today! I do feel calmer but I have several hours yet.

I was glad to see the end of the week, and with a Bank Holiday Monday to look forward to, I could just chill out.

I chilled on Sunday....I chilled on Monday...my brain berated me for not doing all the things I could/should be doing with my time instead of chilling.

But for the past year I have been suffering from back pain in the night that wakes me up in agony and whilst I had the toothache I didnt have the backache as severely but once the toothache went, it returned! Who knew pain worked in shifts? I saw something somewhere about cutting starch from your diet, as severe as it sounds, twelve months of this is doing me in and so I shall try it and see. September will be starch free month...feel free to join me! haha :)

And I have been feeling guilty for neglecting all the things that I want to be doing but just have lacked any intention of late...sorry if you are one of the things feeling...

Just a few things are....

Blog reading and commenting. I know my own blog has been forgotten this week but I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs and I follow a variety of people. I must try and catch up at least with the reading, the commenting will come next time.

As mentioned on the A to Z meme - I miss reading soooooo much....I need to read something and seeing as it doesn't take me long, I shall read a novel on Sunday afternoon. Feel free to recommend one :)

I have half a blanket crocheted and would like to finish it! 
I have a cross stitch piece just waiting for back stitch!

I have a review that needs to be written!

I know they aren't major issues but they are things that I want to get finished. If that isnt enough I have had added stress from impending unemployment as my temporary contract is coming to an end today, and they cant make up their minds whether they will extend me or not...
...then I had some good news that I might have a job for Monday! But it all depends on when these people make a decision...its all so tiring.... I feel like bursting out into Katy Perry's song Hot'n'Cold.
And finally! my unfinished writing projects are niggling in the back of my mind too - who knew there was any space left? and new ideas are pushing their way in! 
There was a highlight in the middle of the week! I joined a webex session hosted by Angie Richmond (in Canada) along with Miranda Kate and Laura James (authors) and we chatted about writing and stuff. It actually did inspire me to write, only problem being I started a new story! And that was my uneventful week, how was yours? And I am sending you all a virtual hug, if only for my own benefit!



  1. Wow, what a rollercoaster. I hope the toothache is better, and good luck in getting/keeping a job. I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks, and I've actually managed to be quite productive. The starch-free month sounds like an interesting experiment - I've not heard of that before, but I hope it works for you :-)

    1. I hadn't heard of it either but if it helps me get a good nights sleep then it has to be worth a try. I do on average have the odd week every few weeks without blogging and its ok, but I like to take part in flash so its inevitable :) Great that you are being productive - I'm envious :) I shall keep you posted re.the diet thing.

  2. Craig David also chilled on Sunday, but we all know what he was up to for the rest of the week, the mucky bugger.

    Sounds like you've had some ups and downs this week, including a lot of tooth pain and back pain. Hope your various aches clear up soon!

    1. Is that mucky or lucky? hehe Yes, I am sure they will! Thanks :)

  3. What events have you applied for? We are hoping to go to the triathlon in strathclyde park as the inlaws live about a 5 minute walk from there!

    1. The relay finals :) & the gymnastics.

  4. I used to think no one had worse luck than me...glad to know I'm not the only person in the world that the "powers that be" seem to hate! But hey, at least we got each other!!


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