11 Apr 2013

Missed #Monday Mixer

Due to the A to Z Challenge I was not able to participate in this weeks Monday Mixer hosted by Jeffrey Hollar over at The Latinum Vault.

However, I had a moment and decided to give it a go, I have used three of the prompts words and this piece is untitled.

Are you ready?

He awoke; peeping through eyes held shut by congealed blood and sweat and unabashed tears, he was surprised to find that he was still alive. Moving was almost impossible, each time he tried a pain seared through his ravaged body rendering him unconscious, and so he lay unmoving on the hummock and watched the day drift away.

He could only think of how much he wanted to move, to go somewhere far from the stench emanating from the marshland, far from whatever still lurked beneath the water’s surface, far from the insects that were banqueting on his open wounds, far from circumstance.

He still had a choice; to take the cyanide capsule and end his life now and be free from this pain or to keep fighting until he won. The only thing he knew was that his body would not be able to withstand such a truculent beating again.

Prompt words: Hummock/Capsule/Truculent (150words)


  1. Very nicely done. As always, you worked the prompts in very skillfully. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Great prompts as always too! Thanks


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