16 Mar 2013

The Waiting Room


I am having a tough morning when nothing is going to plan. When I am stressed or upset I get possessed by my inner poet and you may have read some of the results of such on this blog. This is just one I have written and is helping me to de-stress and sadly only mentions my writing schedule. I wont bore you with all of the other things rattling around in my brain that I want to get done. Anyone going to join me in a protest to get more hours in a day?

So...without further ado...

The Waiting Room

Its dark and dimly lit
to warm the walls and glow
Lighting the many things waiting here
that this writer has to show

With tales of adventure and
a comedy or three
Some sci-fi and a thriller
a horror and murder mystery

Then there is the blog tour
with its many friendly hosts
yet dropouts have increased her workload
and she has to write more posts

Deciding to get organised
and sort them for once and for all
She took all of her ideas
and lined them up against the wall

Late last night she had them seated
in a pretty little row
all ordered nice and comfy
although the wait would be slow

Each one had a number
and would be called up to the plate
to take its turn in the spotlight
on any given date

As her eyes were closing gently
with the weight of a crazy day
Another idea came to mind
and begged that she should play

It wasn't even something
that she would normally try to write
her niece requested fairy tales
to help her sleep that night

So now the room is fit to burst
the sign says standing room only
there is only one thing she is sure about
she won't be getting lonely!


  1. I enjoyed this!! Oddly I have a similar room in my head...but mine's a room of shadows perfumed in sulphur!...Fairy tales eh? Can't wait for those to hit the 'Delivery Room' stage!...:D...Well done Kate...another demonstration of your labradoodle esque multi-talents!

    1. Haha...thanks...who know when that will be!

  2. Replies
    1. Half-hearted attempts at happy poems always rhyme :D

  3. very good insight. Talk about busy - your prolific output never ceases to amaze me. x

  4. Well done on the poetry. . . . I am all in favour of more hours but I may use them to chill out and do nothing.

    1. Thanks Rob, hmmm...it definitely would be an opportunity to procrastinate for longer! lol


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