19 Feb 2013

Update Time :)

Hello everyone,

It seems a long time since I last posted anything that wasnt a story of some sort, no more rants for this little lady, and I have kind of missed it.

I do have a post to come with my missing christmas exchange, which is truly stunning, and also coming up we have announcement of my blogland book tour dates throughout March as well as Cover Art grand reveal! There will also be a launch party so come along for that.

In relation to the tour, I have 7 dates so far, some comedy on a hilariously funny blog, a playlist for the horror story for all you music lovers on a music blog, an interview on a poets blog that quite possibly could all be done in rhyming couplets and a few reviews too! I have also been invited to a stitchy blog which shall be great fun. But there is always room for more...even if its just one more of you? Can I tempt anyone? Details here.

Maybe you dont like horror then we can focus on the rom-com and if you dont like rom-com we can focus on the horror and if you dont like either we can talk about what makes a good read.

The Cover Art is moving a long swimmingly at the moment and I am looking forward to sharing that with you all.

The launch party so far will have a cake - that is all I know...and need :D

In other news...
My life in general at the moment is shaky to say the least, its steaming along at 90 miles an hour, without a care for speed bumps that threaten to force me forty miles in the air and totally off track, and so I am currently permanently white knuckled.

I do however have a music review that is gathering dust at the moment, its all but done, the delay being all down to me. But that shall be out by the weekend just in time for you to sit back and relax and listen to some tunes.
Stitching is on hold temporarily but I will be back with gay abandon for the IHSW in March - I shall get the weekend right this time!

I am also planning to have some fun for the 25th anniversary of Comic Releif and shall be rocking the 80's look :D Photos will spontaneously combust so there is unlikely to be evidence of that. Are you doing anything? (March 15th 2013)

So, less of this procrastination, and back to the grindstone! I hope some more of you will join in by emailing me here: dekeboo@hotmail.com

Till the next time

Kate x


  1. I hope your life slows down abit soon. Take care!

    1. haha! I am secretly enjoying many aspects of it and secretly not enjoying many aspects of it!

  2. I'm being bad friend again aren't I? Our crazy lives!

    Wanna stop at my blog for a tour date? I'm not sure why you would since I'm not an important blog and you have way more followers than I do!

    I will be spending Red Nose Day scouring the web for clips! I already subscribe to the podcasts (or have the past couple of years) and I hope they continue those this year! Hopefully, there will be some Take That stuff (and not just Gaz!).

    1. lol! No.

      I know you are busy :D

      I would love to stop by...if you'll have me?!

      hahaha...more take that stuff! hahaha...most likely.

      I'm a bad friend, as I havent posted your souvenir yet and I need to email you!

    2. You know I'd love any reason to plug your stories!! I lub u!

      We both suck, live sucks, Take That, however, doesn't suck!! Either I've had too much cake today, or I'm adopting your mood...you're contagious!

    3. haha! I hope thats a good contagious :D

  3. Procrastinating?! Woman, you're busier than I am the rest of the year! I bet you're having a blast. I'm so proud of your accomplishments over the last year. I'm looking forward to all that's coming from your blog over the next couple of months.

    1. Hap, I enjoy your company, its good to have you along :D

  4. All right, I'm game. :)

    If I read correctly (not always guaranteed), it looks like you'll send me your e-book, which I'll read and review on my blog. Is that it? Really? I'm happy to help, and the stories sound fun.

    Do I need a special e-reader? I'm typically a printed material girl. ;)

    Looking forward to expanding our horizons.

  5. Maybe you need to have the run of my blog for a day, too? No problem!

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