12 Nov 2012

Write 4 Ten: Ceiling Fan


I have missed these prompts and thought I would treat you all. I use the term 'treat' quite loosely here. So, here it is....

Szhvit…szhvit…szhvit..the ceiling fan whirred above the bed. It only succeeded in moving the warm air around the room. She lay on the large bed in shorts and t-shirt, trying to be as flat as she could and inadvertently making a snow angel. ‘Snow’ she thought…and then tried to unthink it…as she looked to the window and started to see snowflakes floating down to the ground. She stood up and turned the fan off, she figured that she had about half an hour until she would have to put the fire on.

Children who had been playing out in the streets, having water fights were now even more excited at the prospect of being able to make snowmen, to have snowball fights and to have a day off from school. She smiled to herself, the hot weather had made her so lethargic as all her energy was spent on keeping cool, cold weather she could do things in, she could go ice skating. She got dressed and grabbed her ice skates.

It wasn’t a long walk to the rink and she followed the road. This weather was preferable to the heat; people passing out with heat exhaustion, animals were dying from dehydration, the earth cracking up and damaging people’s homes, this was much better. As she walked along feeling smug with herself she heard a blood curdling screech as a car hit its breaks and slid sidelong across the road into oncoming traffic. She could only stand there and watch as the car smashed into the truck. A large bang and a crunch as the car was crushed by the force with the people inside.

Every weather condition had a curse, inheriting this job was a curse, why did she have to be Mother Nature. 


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