1 Oct 2012

Write for Ten: Offence

Its Monday!

I have been waiting all weekend for this morning's prompt - at least I was on Friday and Saturday morning and then I let it leave my mind. Then yesterday whilst at the Car Wash I was thinking how that would be an interesting prompt. I would love to read peoples pieces on that.

So this morning I have checked to see the prompt which is: Offence

I usually read the prompt and start writing straight away with no pause to consider anything, it is currently 8.40am and I am going to give myself 20 minutes and start the timer at 9am - my money is on me thinking through every possible scenario and then coming up with something I hadn't considered!

....I am off to ponder...8 minutes till write-off and I have no clue...

Ok, so I don't seem to be able to write much in the ten minutes and hopefully over time that may improve..I was inspired in the end by listening to 'My Way' by the Sex Pistols:

and here it is!

A wry smile worked its away across her face as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She wanted to laugh and she could feel it sitting in her lungs, just waiting to burst out of her mouth in a big blast of air and sound. All that came out was a derisive snort as she shook her head and reached forward for the mascara. She had been dressing like this for about a year and every person that took offense by her choice of clothing just fuelled her determination to continue dressing like it.

Did she think she looked good? No. Did she think that she was expressing herself? No. Did she get some perverse satisfaction by pissing her parents off? Hell yeah! She knew it made them feel guilty and she liked it. She knew she was being ridiculous and childish but if they weren’t going to treat her like an adult then to hell with her acting like one, and anyway, she liked the pink hair.

Thanks for reading :)


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