5 Oct 2012

Write 4 Ten: Tackle

I missed yesterdays prompt of 'incomplete' and thus made this weeks Write 4 Ten prompts 'incomplete'. I am not sure that that counts. But here is today's, I will say that I do not mention the world tackle and to some this may not be clear but I can tell you what it means to me. It is about being a writer and about my experience as limited as it is. It is about tackling the everyday and although met with challenges and sent on an emotional roller coaster there is always an experience, a conversation, something that you might draw from when writing. Any feedback is truly appreciated.

A new day and fresh eyes are blurry
Energy in abundance and expelled at a pace
Embracing notes on the air
Eager to reach but not ready to race

The ideas wander maniacally
Resting on the usual suspects
What level of depth seems relevant?
To choose from each new prospect

Distracted by influence and intrigue
And thoughts bouncing through the mind
Opting for potential that’s underdeveloped
And avoiding the desire to rewind.

Clambering over obstacles and weaving past
the ever omnipotent cloud of change
finding ground that’s flat and hard
that’s different, secure and strange.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve
Re-covering when its too much
The energy sapped from your being
Electricity on the surface crackles by touch

Devoid of emotion as it’s returned to
A holding cell of excitement
As visiting times are restricted
There are questions to invent

When emptiness encases like a cloak
With a hollow echo and a glazed look
A chance to see what’s on the horizon
To use as fodder for your book.


  1. You got all that out of "tackle?" That's amazing. You're amazing! I really love this. It encompasses so much about what I feel about the writing process and so eloquently. Love work, Kate.

    1. Hi Jayne, thank you so much for such a kind comment! the day before I wrote it had been one of those days that writing is so often, full of hopes, ideas and energy yet strewed with moments of despondence, despair and disappointment. Plus all the questions, so many questions! lol I'm glad you could relate and took the time to comment. Thanks again.

  2. I feel that this piece promotes a universal empathy due to your skill at encapsulating the multi faceted mind set of the writer. Whilst enjoying the whole, must say I particularly loved the line'Wearing your heart on your sleeve'...sometimes you feel so naked when your mind controls the pen and makes you share stuff...well that's what I think anyway lol!. Love it Kate.

    1. Hey Lynn, it means a lot to me that you are commenting here on my poem as you write such great poems and I truly am envious of that talent. I think every time you write you input something that comes from you and its always a risk especially when its things you don't often share. If people were asked to describe me, I can promise you that none of them would say I was sensitive or emotional, yet I express that a lot in my writing style and I rarely do in life. Oops! that reply got a bit long :) Thanks again Lynn.

  3. Perfection....I'm so glad you took time to tackle the day and the poem!

    1. Hello Donna, thank you for continuing to read my contributions to your 'Write 4 Ten' challenge - I know you are very busy and I appreciate your comments.


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