3 Aug 2012

Five Sentence Fiction: PERSEVERANCE

I missed the five sentence fiction for 'Scarlet' because I was wallowing but have now written something for 'Perseverance'.

I think I really do need to start drafting and rewriting things, but to write just something has been a real change for me and I am taking baby steps. After writing it I wondered if it counted as perseverance or determination or belief but I am leaving it up to interpretation. Hear it is:

She had dreams and aspirations that seemed as far away to her as the stars in the sky. She wanted to believe that it was possible to achieve them and she shared her dreams. They told her that she couldn't do it and that she was setting herself up to fail and she believed them. Then someone told her that she could do anything that she wanted to do with hard work and determination and she believed in herself. When she achieved everything that she set out to do with the support of that one person and that belief; they believed.

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