8 Jul 2012

Sweet Music: a poem by me

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Anyone wondering when I would write another poem? Well, wonder no more...here's a little something for the weekend.

Sweet Music

The guitar starts off slowly
and the strumming builds up pace
The drums erupt, hot and heavy
as the tempo starts to race
In bounce the bass beats
joining them together
waiting for the harmonies
to use them as a tether.
Some lyrics tell a story,
others are more a quiz
of love, of life, of peace and war,
of what's not and of what is.
With a pulsating chorus
that makes you move and shake
Your body finds a locus
where you can twist and quake.
Your skin now damp
with the sweat of the cadenced dance
Crank up the amp
your body doesn't stand a chance.
As it begins its crescendo
the passion now at peak
the rhythm starts to then slow
and the music starts to speak.
The melody returns to you
like an old familiar friend
whose heart will be pure and true
to the very bitter end.

Kate x


  1. Part of me is screaming "DURAN DURAN!" and the other part is wondering if someone has been reading 50 Shades of Grey!

    1. Lol! Never read it. So let's go with Duran Duran.


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