13 Jun 2012

Soundtrack of My Life

I was reading blogs as a distraction from actually doing what I am supposed to be doing and came across this post by Michelle.

As I like anything music related (I really can't say no people) I thought it would be fun. Join in if you want a laugh. As she says on her blog, all you need to do is:

Put your MP3 player (or Media Player) on Shuffle. I used my starred tracks on Spotify. Then, as the songs play write in the song and artist that corresponds with the following list. Finally, post your list in the comments for us to see. Most of all have fun with it! Oh, and no cheating. :)

Here is my list..I was giggling away to myself at work..much to people bemusement. Most of the tracks are strangely relevant, if only by title. I was shocked that my flashback track turned out to be a really old song! I hope someone will join in the fun and let me know how they got on!

Here are my results:

Opening Credits: My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson

Waking Up: Human - The Killers

First Day of School: I'm getting ready - Michael Kiwunaka

Falling in Love: Dream a little dream - Mamas & Papas (weird! how can random shuffle create this!)

Fight Song: Till the Morning - Father Tiger

Prom: Serpents - Sharon van Etten

Life: Mountains - Biffy Clyro

Mental Breakdown: Smoke and Mirrors - Gotye

Driving: How we roll -Loick Essien

Flashback: Bob Dylan - Black Diamond Bay

Getting Back Together: Dirty Little Secret - The Skateboard Losers

Wedding: Road to Joy - Bright Eyes

Birth of Child: Beautiful People - Cher Lloyd

Final Battle: Feel - Newton Faulkner

Death Scene: The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga

End Credits: The Boy is Mine - Brandy duet with Monica

and here is the Spotify playlist if you want to listen along :D In the words of my illustrious american cousins, Happy Hump Day!


  1. This is a really good idea, I might have to do it on my blog! :)

    1. I hope you do, I would love to know what you get.

  2. Great songs, and some of them seem so perfect! This is a cool idea - I love it.

    1. Some of them worked with their song title and others with their lyrics - it had me in hysterics at my desk and I was getting strange looks, not least because we aren't supposed to laugh in our office and here I was laughing and, to top it all, with myself.

  3. OK, this is a pretty cool idea! Guess I'll have to give it a shot too!

    1. Yep, you still have to get back in my good books - lol! Ms Bad Friend!hahaha - will they not all just be Duran Duran or Take That? pmsl Just do it and put me out of my misery :)

    2. Can I help it if my ipod loves me? It knows what to play (although a couple of them were very questionable!

  4. PS...like your new background!!

  5. Cheers! Its the crowd at Brixton Academy.


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