29 Jun 2012

Funky Friday!

It's Friday!

What? Oh, you know its Friday..well, consider this confirmation! :)

I am not sure how I will get on blogging next week because you see I have plans!

Tomorrow I will be attending the Olympic Torch Relay Concert in Birmingham. My mother won the tickets through work. Its going to be a long day full of all sorts of entertainment and culminating in a concert with the boy(man) band 'The Wanted', R&B artist 'Loick Essien' and indie dance act 'Morning Parade'! What a crazy mixture.

I had already bought tickets to see LIGHTS in Birmingham on the Monday and so I decided to stay in Birmingham until the gig and come home on the Tuesday morning. LIGHTS is a funny one, I have listened to her old stuff and I hate it but her Siberia album was OK. I am sure it used to sound better than it does now and am curious to see how she fares live.

Sunday may be a lazy day or a lets get up to mischief day!

Then I found out that my attendance has been requested at the annual family holiday, to be held this year on the Kent coastline. So from Birmingham I will go to Kent for the rest of the week, where I will most likely be nagged, cuddled, jumped on and run ragged by my naughty but nice nieces.

I am hoping to go to London on the following Saturday too for something (watch this space as I am still deciding - you know how I am with decisions of no consequence!).

So, its likely that if I can't blog at some point mid-week then you will be inundated with gig reviews and concert accounts and pictures of the beach on my return!

I hope you all have a great weekend and an eventful week of your own.

Kate x


  1. sounds exciting--have a great weekend!!

  2. Wow, sounds like a much more enjoyable and action-packed week than I have planned. (Mine includes housework, yard work, and work work.) Hope you have a wonderful time!

    Oh, and in other news, I've finally reached the end of my walks-into-a-bar series, and now I, Nate Wilson, walk into a bar. Thanks for the great suggestion, Kate!

  3. Yeah...tell me again how "not cool" you are! I'm so jealous!

  4. Enjoy your week!

    Your last 4 posts have turned up in my blog feed just this moment - not sure why!

    1. No worries, last week it said I had 200 posts to read and five minutes later it said I had none, now apparently I have 800!*gulp*


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