18 May 2012

Music Lovers: Dream Support

Its the weekend, time to turn the music on. This week I have been immersed in it (not in itself unusual) and have been following some new bands on Twitter. I guess it is very similar to blogging and following writers and supporting them as they master their craft.

In the Twitter world the publicisng technique used is to follow people based on them following other people in music, the person followed will in turn look at who you are and why you followed them, see your weblink to your music and generally have a listen and follow you back if they like it.  If they follow you back you can then send them a direct message with a link to a free download of your EP. I love this because it has meant that I have listened to bands I might not have ordinarily listened to.

I also use Spotify whilst at work to listen to new releases and old classics, friends and I often create themed playlists and send them to each other. If you are on spotify let me know your ID and we can share tracks. I am @Dekeboo (feel free to email me yours). In search of themed songs, I have come across even more artists that I never would have done. This is something I love to do. I have also listened to some new album releases this week.

So, naturally, I want to share some of my favourite tracks from some albums released this week and some new bands who need support to fulfill their dreams just like we do.

First up! New releases: Garbage, Gossip and Best Coast have all released their new albums this week.

Garbage is a band from the 90's, I loved them then and I love them now. They have managed to make an album that is reminiscent of their old sound but has a very modern feel. They are what is now considered an alternative band but back in the 90's would have been indie-rock.

I used to love 'Only happy when it rains' and 'Stupid Girl' back in the 90's..here is 'Only happy when it rains'.

and from their new album...

It took me a while to discover Gossip, but a favourite from their old album is

and my favourite from the new album...

Best Coast are only on their second album and so I will just add a link to a track from the new album.

It has just occurred to me that I am loving the ladies this week with their new releases! lol! but fear not, here are a few tracks from bands trying to make it out there...some testosterone on its way!...

Paper Tongues - this band also have a blog and have been posting videos of them working on their new album, its really interesting and gives you a great insight to the band themselves.

Pioneer - a common band name, these guys are from Indiana and are very american pop-rock. Its their first album and this is Better Days - my favourite from it, I think there is room for improvement but that will come with the next album.

and lastly for this week,

The Hunting Accident

I wish everyone a great weekend, and maybe less angst music next week :D



  1. I loved Garbage....such a great band

    1. Still great, thoroughly recommend checking out their new album.

  2. "Stupid Girl" is one of my favorite songs. I also like "Temptation Waits."

    I have some awards for you at my blog.


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