25 May 2012

Devon, UK in photos (lots of them!)

Last year, I also went away on my own for five days in Paignton in Devon, UK.

It is what I would call a typical seaside town.

No stories this time...what could I say? that I turned into Mr Bean at the zoo, that people kept asking me for directions, I visited an art installation which included and embalmed body, that I had a boat all to myself when I went to Dartmouth Castle, that once again my camera died and I had to buy a disposable one and that I left my mobile phone under my pillow in the B&B!

So here are a few pics that I decided to post for those people who might never get a chance to come to Devon, UK. I know I love looking at other people photo's just to see what the place is like.

My walk to Torquay


Back to Paignton

Some more Torre Abbey


A really old house in Paignton

 Traditional donkey rides at the seaside.

Steam train to Dartmouth

Named after my sister??

Boat journey to the Castle

Train back

The Zoo (not great pics sadly as I had a camera dilemma! I warned you I have issues - lol)

I took this because I used to live in a place called Bongo in Ghana.

I do have some photographs of the flowers at Torre Abbey and if enough people want to see them (i.e anyone) then let me know and I will post them.


  1. nice photos, shame about the camera....again.where next?

  2. Wonderful pictures which I have been to many times. I had an aunt who live there and we were frequent visitors. Wonderful memories, Thank you.


    1. I went to Paignton many times as a child and it was the reason I was keen to go back - a trip down memory lane.

  3. Breathtaking! Thank you! I've never been to the U.K. What is that row of numbered sheds? They were too pretty to be storage or Porta-Potties.

    1. They are beach huts. They are leased or owned by people who come to the beach often and they keep all their beach stuff in them. Chairs, umbrellas, etc. i think they are quite difficult to get one but they have been around for a very long time.

  4. When we were kids, Torbay was my mum's favourite go-to place. Every time we suggested a day-trip, we'd end up there. Now she's got grandkids, they go there too!

    I've never been to Torre Abbey though - it looks amazing. My dad has fired cannons at Dartmouth Castle, possibly the ones in your photos, but I'm not totally sure.

    Great photos - lots of memories for me :-)

    1. Torre Abbey has been closed for the last year for refurb, it was really nice and an interesting story about the family that lived there.

      Happy memories :)


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