15 Nov 2011

My first design!

I have stitched my very own design!! Admittedly, it is only a Christmas tree, but I am pleased with how it has turned out.

It all came about from my desire to make Christmas cards but my lack of enthusiasm regarding the time it would take to make them all (about 20) and I was trying to find a Christmas card design today that I could stitch in 2 hours instead of 4 or 5 and I thought I could design a quick stitch tree. And that's what I did!

I intend to finish the tree off with some wording..Merry Xmas..and then place it in a card.  The pictures below are just of the prototype! lol! I don't actually have a physical chart of it. Oops!

I just grabbed a scrappy bit of aida that I had and thought I would experiment by stitching. The colours of the french knots were random and I think some worked and some didn't as they didn't contrast enough with the green of the tree. I don't usually do french knots as they can be a bit hit and miss but I don't think they look too bad and they work well on such a small design. Its finished size is about 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" without the wording. My original idea was to place the merry xmas in an arc over the top but it could also go to the right of the design.

I think I will definitely stitch it again as it makes a cute ornament too - that could hang in a card aperture. So watch this space for future tweaks. 

And here are the pics.....


And here is how I eventually finished it....


  1. Kate, it's darling!!! Awesome designing and stitching job. :D

  2. Your Christmas tree looks cute and I love the card! Great job.


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