8 Nov 2011

A finish but..


I have finished my Christmas exchange piece :) Sadly I can't show you yet :(  and I don't even send it till the start of next month! I hope Tiki likes it...

I have updated my 'expert waffling' page with a new rant - wahoo!

I have also decided to stitch two medium sized projects for Christmas in amongst everything else, one is the horses kit that I got from the exhibition - I started last night and will post a picture at the end of the week -it is coming along quite well in that it is quite quick to stitch.

The other piece I want to do was in Cross Stitch Gold magazine, not the latest but the one before. It is the Merry Christmas with all the snowmen. Anyone know how to calculate how long it might take me? I just need an estimate - If I know it is possible then I can see the finish line. lol!

So my list of craft jobs to be done before Christmas:

  • Update house advent calendar (which I cannot find!)
  • Stitch 11 Christmas card
  • Finish horses kit and frame it
  • Stitch snowmen chart and frame it
  • Finish knitting small scarf
  • Finish Geisha girl and frame it
I hope this is possible! If I focus it should be. Good luck with all your crafty/stitchy projects too.


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