28 Sep 2011

My tuppence worth!

I just wanted to quickly add my tuppence worth regarding this hoo-ha with Heather from Stitch in Thyme and the criticisms she had.

I too was shocked to find that she had been given this feedback! I have always been a stitcher but it has only been in the last two weeks that I have connected with people online and started my blog. I can honestly say that the people whose blogs I have read and who have commented on mine are THE nicest people and I have been surprised at how positive, nice, supportive and friendly they have been. I have joined a yahoo group and a forum and am now recognising peoples names and starting to feel part of it.

I have for the first-time (last week) stitched a design for an exchange. It is a small design and I just need to do the finishing before I post it..I was excited..but now I am not so sure!

As all of us stitchers know it takes a lot of time and dedication to stitch and finish something and I know that I would appreciate that more than the finishing. I also saw someone elses comments about this and they said that 'as long as all the stitches go the same way' but honestly, I have scrutinized pictures in magazines and they don't always do this. Stitching is a creative endeavour and is subject to your own artistic license - stitch how you want and because it makes you happy!

IF the finishing was that bad (which I doubt) then the group leader should have posted a piece on 'the best way to finish projects for exchanges' and not isolated one person and made them feel unworthy. It is UNACCEPTABLE to do this and it isn't supportive at all, and it is on that note that I ask for suggestions on how to finish my exchange piece ;)! (It is about 15cm squared)


Since posting this I have seen posts by moderators of the group and they are saying that they are closing their blogs and pleading victimisation.  I haven't read all of peoples comments, but the ones I have read have not called the moderators any names. I do say above that the behaviour is unacceptable, and it is, but its not unforgivable. 

I think they are wrong to stop their blogs and their exchanges - they should use the comments made since the situation occurred as feedback and learn from it. Maybe they need more specific rules of the exchange; not just a theme but to say that it must be made into this and link that to one of their tutorials. The reactions of these moderators is extreme and hasty - and they may have been hurt, but they have many followers who are hurt by their departure and although they want to pass the blame onto anyone who has been supportive of Heather, their actions are their own and theirs alone.


  1. Kudos to you! I totally agree about the freedom of direction and base my opinions regarding this on my own experiences and totally get that everyone has their own opinion.
    I really believe that when a person decides to stitch they make a decision to put their heart into their work and if the stitches go in different directions, that is totally up to them. Sometimes it is a cool technique that adds depth to a piece so who is to say right or wrong?
    Be always in stitches.

  2. I read Heather's blog too. I am so sorry she was treated like that. Unacceptable!

    I finished September by LHN (it's about 4 inches by 4 inches) by centering it on foam core board that I cut a little bit bigger than the finished size, and pinning it to the board using dress maker's pins, and glued the fabric to the back of the board.(Check out Joyce's site: http://joysze.blogspot.com/2011/08/fabric-mat-finishing-tutorial.html). I then glued ribbon around the edge and made it into a hanging ornament. Sorry, I don't have a picture. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Melissa it has given me food for thought.

  4. Hi Kate, if the exchange you're worry about, is our little exchange you don't need to worry at all.
    For me the important on an exchange is to receive the love and dedication someone put in, in making a little something to send to me, I honestly don't care at all about the way one finish the project, or if the stitches are all to the same way or if it has any mistake or knots, or whatever, I would never care if the project wasn't finished as long as the stitcher honestly enjoyed doing the little crosses and enjoyed doing the best she or he could. And believe I cherish everything I receive from a fellow stitcher :)

    Also I must say I'm guilty of stitching in the two directions in some projects because of the final effect, since it gives a different depth ;)

  5. I read Heather's post too and may think more than twice about ever doing an exchange. Anyway I haven't done much finishing but I have had some success with little hanging ornaments. You can do it either flat or stuffed. Flat, just layer a piece of batting, backing fabric and your picure, sew three sides and turn it right side out. Then slip stitch the top closed. Same type thing for stuffed of course. Right sides together, stitch, turn right sides out, stuff, close. Add a ribbon or whatever for hanger inside as you stitch or outside when your done. Lots of words but it's an idea for you. Good luck!

  6. Hey Sara, it is our little exchange that I am thinking of. Well, that is a relief to hear you say that and I will be posting it to you on Friday. I have enjoyed making it for you and I hope you like the colour choices.

    Hey Tiki, this is the first time I have done an exchange and it has only been between me and Sara, and really came about from my eagerness to be do a SAL which ended up again just us two and a very quick project. You shouldn't be put off and maybe you could join us if we do another at some point (that would be fun). I really wouldn't be doing it if Sara hadn't responded to my blog and encouraged me. I really do appreciate the tips and will be putting them to good use.

  7. I completely agree with your opinion on Heather's situation. Funny enough, some anonymous person showed up today defending the moderator and accusing everyone in the comments of "calling the moderator names," and then trying to further insult Heather's stitching. My guess is that the moderator or one of the group members came slinking in to defend the position, yet is too chicken to leave a name.

    Hopefully I never come across these people in exchanges!

  8. Me too Measi, because I know that If I'm facing such situation I woudln't have Heather's respect on not publishing any names, if it was me I would share it with the world so that everybody would have a second thought when participating in an exchange with the person....
    Now to Tiki and Kate, I'll be more than glad in joining in a few exchanges with you girls, I really like to encourage other people the same way I was encouraged, and if I can help, I will help :) Also here is a blog that gives a good poption for finishing strategy if you don't like or like you're not good at stitching pieces togheter, http://www.prettyimpressivestuff.com/biscornu.htm, doing a backstitch all around and then stitch the two together really helped me improving my finishing. And Kate if you enjoyed and like the colours I'll definitely love it also be posting it to you on Friday :)Hoping you like it too


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