15 Sep 2011

I made a decision and then I changed my mind again!

I have decided that for the IHSW this weekend I am going to work on one of my UFO's - most likely the St Nick one.

As a reminder and to save you having to go to my WIP page, this is where I am up to...


I have changed my mind - I know that I SHOULD work on this but just over a week ago I bought a cross stitch book called 30 cross-stitch patterns from Ed Hardy. They are cross stitch patterns for traditional tattoo designs. Admittedly there is nothing exciting but I am itching to stitch one of them! I have a weird fascination with tattoos and shows like Miami Ink, London Ink, LA Ink, NY ink and there is a vegas one too starting soon - ironically I dont have a tattoo, but I really wanna stitch one.  So it could be progress on the above of a tattoon :)


I havent had any luck in finding a snowman design that I like and I have begun to think that my only option is going to be to design my own. This idea works in theory but I am not the best at drawing so it will be hit and miss to how it turns out. I found a leaflet earlier today that came free with Cross Stitcher magazine at some time in 2005. It gives some basics of making your own designs, which is brief is as follows:
  • You only need a pencil, a rubber, some coloured pencils and a shade card.
  • Decide on your finished design size plot these onto your graph paper (it is probably a good idea to mark lines on the grid that represent the count of the fabric that you are going to use. If there are multiple motifs in the design it might be an idea to do them on separate pieces of paper and then lay them out in the design area.
  • When you have finished your design colour it in, but make sure that you use colours that represent the colours on the shade card. Also keep a record of which pencil is which thread colour.
So, I better get my act together and go about drawing the design that I want.

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