21 Sep 2011

How-to comment (updated)


I just wanted to say thank you to Sara for replying to all my questions in a previous comment, if you are like me and obliviously unaware then check out her responses that are in the comments to my post entitled: Is it just me

Subsequently, I have joined a Lizzie Kate Friend SAL -so watch out for progress. All I need is a Lizzie Kate chart, lol! I do like the designs as they are quite simple and not swamped with confetti (check me out using stitching terms!).

I hope you all have a good day :)

P.S I have brought my Ed Hardy stitching to work...to do some in my lunch hour..in the church park!

I have just found a free chart for a lizzie kate design called Friendship grows at: http://www.lizziekate.com/free.html

and as it is small and sweet I will stitch that for the SAL, I may also try rail-roading it with traditional stitches! I might even change some of the flower colours - ;) If someone wants to join me, we can always make it an exchange?


  1. Hi Kate,
    Since it's a very small pattern should be easy to stitch (and shouldn't steal much time from my main project) so I'll be stitching it with you to and in the end if you want we can exchange it, I already have an idea for the colours I'm going to choose :)
    Hope you enjoy your fist SAL :)

  2. I thought I should start small :)

  3. Hi Sara, I am not sure how the SAL is supposed to go but I have only the border of the pattern to go! It is quick and very pretty. I hope you will like it. Please send me your postal address to dekeboo@aol.com :)


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