11 Jan 2012

Weekly Update #2

Its been a week! It has seemed quite long and I don't seem to have done much :) How did that happen?

I thought it might be easier to separate each update by category for those only interested in stitching etc. So here is what I have done in the last 7 days...

STITCHING update ...

I have begun the Mira! Not much of it is done, my stitchy mojo is a bit iffy at the moment but I persevered and started it. It was just for one night only. But I like the greens and am happy with what I have done so far.

I have sorted out the fabric for both calendars ready for IHSW in a fortnight. Geisha hasn't seen 2012 yet. For the observant amongst you, you may have noticed that I said 'both' calendars well this is because in some strange weird psychic twist of fate, Joyce has lured the the pattern gods into retrospection!

Because whilst looking in the garage for a book (which I didn't expect to find), amongst all the boxes and stuff my eye was distracted by what looked to be an unopened calendar. Closer inspection revealed it to be a Margaret sherry astro-cats calendar from 2007.

Joyce had predicted this the other day!So  I will try to stitch these too as they are much smaller designs.

KNITTING update...

I finished the fairy's dress which is huge! And I have stitched it all together all that is left is the face and hair. What do you think?

SEWING update ...

I was very lucky and Santa gave me a sewing machine for christmas. I was wary about using it as I am a complete novice. But last week I had a try and it wasn't so scary. I don't have any fabric to practice with at the moment but watch this space.

READING update ...

The Walking Dead: Volume 1 Days Gone Bye - book 2 read from graphic novel challenge
The fat chance guide to weightloss - chick lit, was disappointing as chick lit and as anything else as not much really happened :( - was just for fun.
Reckless - Andrew Gross Thriller, was a bargain book, a really laboured start as nothing gets going till about page 200, which isnt great for a thriller, I am not interested in the stock exchange and that is mentioned a lot in the book and doesnt help me to remain interested. Still half of it to go - so things could change, but not really 'thrilling'.

OTHER update...

My 2yo niece came to see me the other day, she walked into my room whilst I was on the computer...she said... Auntie Katy, I want to do sewing all by myself. Bless her, i think she may have the crafty genes :)

Today we went for a walk and she informed me that we are the cheeky girls! Haha!

I hope you have all been having a good week! I am about to catch up with the backlog :o



  1. Your Mira start is looking fantastic, can't wait to see more!
    Congrats on your sewing machine...I still haven't taken the plunge...mom get to do all my sewing for me atm, rofl


  2. Great start on Lady of the Mist-I can't wait to see more!

    I love the fairy dress. It's so cute :)

  3. Fairy looks good and congrats on starting Mira. She will look amazing when done!

    Good luck with finishing Reckless!

  4. Good start on the Mira. A little is better than nothing. Mine is still a thought in my overloaded brain! Can't wait for IHSW. I hope to get lots stitched then.

  5. Great start on tthe Mira, can't wait to see more of her.

  6. AHAHAHAHAHA, go me!!!!!!!! Ask, and you shall receive. Oh, Kate. You have no idea how excited I am about those cats, hehehehehe.

    Great start on Mira. Love the colors.

    Fairy is so cute. Love the pink and purple/blue. Can't wait to see her face. :D

    Since you're reading The Walking Dead, have you seen the AMC series?

    LOVE the pic of you with your niece. Too cute.

    I still owe you emails, I haven't forgetten. Promise I'll get to them this weekend. :D

  7. Great start on your Mirabilia. I love the colors of this design and look forward to seeing more of your WiP.

    I think your knitted fairy is so cute.



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