18 Jan 2012

Weekly Update #3


Time for my weekly round-up.....sadly I have not really been feeling crafty this week. I spent one day knitting and that's pretty much it! I haven't even read anything either! What have I been doing....

STITCHING update ...

Nothing!!! I have done nothing! Not even picked up a sewing needle or a hank of floss :( With the first IHSW looming this weekend, I am preparing to get in the mood for it and had planned to stitch (as mentioned last week) a Margaret sherry calendar...well, yesterday I looked at my Mira and thought, hmmm - I think I feel like stitching some more of you soon...so that might be it. It will have to be a surprise :) for me too.

KNITTING update...

I didn't knit the fairy wings or finish her face and hair but instead decided to knit some more of the monkey that the other niece wanted, so that they would both be finished around the same time.  Here's a pic....

All I have left are the arms and the feet and tail.

SEWING update ...

Last week I said watch this space....yep, nowt has happened...don't give up hop, keep watching. Its like one of those pictures that if you stare at for long enough you will see something.....honest ;)

READING update ...

I have read a bit more of Reckless, but it hasn't got anymore thrilling, I will read it to the end.
I have a Buffy omnibus graphic novel to read and I am going to start Trinity by Leon Uris tonight - number one seller the week I was born.


I almost forgot (actually I did!) but here is a pic of the Camellia's in my garden (they shouldn't even be flowering this early - but the winter has been so mild)...

..and a rose..just cause we always have so many and they have been flowering continuously throughout the year!

..and I photographed this rosebud because it looked like it was made from silk.


  1. I'm sure you nieces will enjoy the fairy and monkey! I am looking forward to seeing them finished :)

  2. Oooh, I like your new pic, Kate. :D

    Monkey is going to be so darn cute!!!! Can't wait to see him put together. It's ok to not feel crafty, sometimes you just need a break. :)

  3. Cute monkey, can't wait to see it put together. I so wish I could knit. I think I have 2 left hands.

  4. GORGEOUS, KATE!!!!! Wowzas, look at those colors.


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