11 Sep 2012

Hells Bells, I'm early!

Are you following me?

Hello kind followers of random stitchy peeps who waffle and use the following too much;

  • erm
  • oh
  • hahhahaha
  • teeheehee
  • lol
  • rofl
  • ;)
  • :)
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a little early with the audio blog (Have a listen below) but why not spoil you! Or torture..you decide!  Giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow.

Happy Happy Blogoversary everybody :)


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE YOUR VOICE!!!! and that accent!!!! LOOOOOOOVE IT!

    Bu't... I love how you say 'But.' HAHAHAHAHA!!

    Awwww... I got a mention! :D (TWO!!! Whooo, I'm so spweciul!! :D)... THREE! (I'm sure Tiki loved it. :D)

    THAT'S what the Blog title is for. HAHAHAH! Love it! I agree... it sounds just as ridiculous, but it's damn cute. ;)

    (If you haven't guessed by now... I'm listening and commenting at the same time. ;) )

    I'm listening... but I'm such a horrible exchanger...

    FOURTH mention... holy crap, Kate, you're going to give me a big head. ;)

  2. Crap.... I hit publish but I wasn't done....

    But I've been soooo bad about commenting... I blame it on that damn game! LOL!!!

    Thank YOU!!!! for always brightening my day. :D

    LOL, yes... Keiley is definitely the Go-To person about WDW and BBC. I think she should post lots and lots and LOTS more pics of David Tennant. ;)

    FIVE TIMES. Damn girl, you give me too much credit. :)

    (You could read the phone book and I'll listen to you for days. LOL!!!! Loooooooooove that accent!)

    You've said lots of MUCH value. :D

    ROFLMAO!!! at minute 9:40... bye... byeee...

    And.... Buffy. ;) and do tell the story, long or not. ;)


    1. Hilarious! Thanks for the very entertaining comment! Made me smile :D
      I love all accents except mine, lol, but thank you for the kind words. You deserve all the credit you get.
      Ok, so the Buffy story isnt that long...but after university I went to work as a VSO (its the equivalent of Peace Corps)in Ghana. I was teaching Maths and Science at the time and so I had all the lovely school holidays to explore. During the first holiday I went to the Capital. I was staying in a pretty cheap hotel but the people were very friendly and kind. Whilst I was there I noticed that they had kittens! KITTENS! Who doesnt love kittens? I guess some people dont, but I have a theory about cat and dog people - anyway I digress (SHOCKER!). The kittens were really cute and I asked the hotel owner if I could have one..he said sure and on the morning that I left he gave me one of them, the smallest scrawniest little runt. I had it in a box and had to take it all the way back to the village that I was staying in, a mere 16hr bus journey! The Kitten cried its little heart out, and just like a baby when the bus moved it stopped, and when the bus stopped for toilet breaks it started whimpering again.
      When I arrived home after a further hour on a tro-tro I opened the box. I was worried that as soon as I did the kitten would be spooked and make a run for it. I can't emphasis enough how sad the poor mite looked. I removed the lid of the box and peaked in...the fur under its eyes was all flat from the tears, and its eyes were like Puss in Shrek when he is trying to be cute. Off came the lid...then the kitten jumped out, no more crying, no more shaking, just jumped out and slowly had a look around at its new home!
      Buffy was a beautiful calico cat who I may have spoilt slightly. She did grow but was always on the small side, she would never leave me when I was unwell, and as a kitten i often woke up with her lying asleep across my neck! lol
      My bungalow was on the edge of the campus and when I finished work she would see me and come to greet me, the same when I came home from the nearest town. I called her Buffy because I couldnt think of a name and Buffy was pretty big back then and I may or may not have the box set!
      The first year I had her she had a premature litter of kittens whilst I was away and only one survived...do you know what i called him?....come on, you do dont you? Yep, thats right..Angel!
      I met my husband out there and when I moved back to the UK his dad looked after her. Oddly, his father shared my birthday and she took to him as if he was me - or maybe i just resemble an old man :D haha.
      She went on to have some more kittens that always survived, and she had them when I was visiting and always in my room, I would name them and people would be begging for one of her kittens. Being calico she had black kittens, white kittens, ginger kittens and a mixture.
      Sadly, she died a few years ago shortly after my ex father-in-law had passed away. It was within 2 days. According to folklore, the death of a cat can predict the death of a person. I know Buffy died after my ex FIL but my own cat that I had in the UK, called Jimmy died 2 days before after being run over.
      The only two pets I have ever had and they both were so special :D I am glad I picked a name from a TV show because every time i hear it, I am always reminded of the happy times with Buffy.

  3. Hi Kate, Great podcast - I loved hearing about the creation of your blog and your name. Like you, I am rather hesitant re my work for exchanges (do you ever feel it is good enough? - I don't and stress about it), however, having said that I would love to do an ornie exchange with you. My email is KayeDeP@gmail.com and come visit me at http://kittenstitching.blogpsot.com

    Oh, by the way, Buffy the Vampire Slayer rocks!

    hugs, Kaye

    1. Glad you think so and I will email you re. ornie exchange and THANK YOU!

  4. Hi Kate! I enjoyed your podcast and learning about how you came up with the name of your blog. I love your accent too! If you would like another partner for an ornament exchange, I would love to do one with you. Shana7426@aol.com

    1. Check your email in the very near future as I will be emailing you :D Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comments.

  5. Joyce sent me your way...can't believe I've never seen your blog before! Happy blogoversary!

    I'll be following, once I leave this comments section...

    Loved the podcast. I agree with the others and love your accent. Buffy? Buffy, really? LOL

    1. LOL

      I loved Buffy at the time - oh, who am I kidding, I still love Buffy! Sorry ;)
      Good to have you join the Island! lol

  6. Hello Kate!
    I am so glad to have found your blog through Joyce. Your podcast is great. I think you have a great name for a blog. I want to join your Christmas Ornament Exchange. I am a new follower and I am adding you to my blog list so I can keep up with all of your posts.



    1. Hi Carolyn, welcome to this crazy place you are most welcome. I will be emailing soon about the exchange! and thank you!

  7. Hi Kate! I also followed Joyce over here. She's great, isn't she?

    Your podcast was absolutely charming and very funny.

    I'm currently in about a million round robins, so I couldn't commit to an ornament exchange, but I'm there in spirit. The stitching cyber-community can be a wonderful place, eh?

    I'm looking forward to reading your posts. I'm not as consistent as you or Joyce about commenting and replying all the time, but I read almost everything and comment when I have time.

    Thanks for sharing!
    *hugs and stitches*
    ~ Karen

    1. She is - but I wont say that again till next year :))) just kidding Joyce!
      I am quite embarrassed by it, i should have made notes instead of blurting - but blurting seems to come so naturally.
      Thank you for being with us all in spirit re. the ornie exchange that will do - I will try to telepathically absorb some of your talent! So watch out ;)
      Thanks again :)

  8. What a great idea for something a bit different for a blogiversary. It was fun to listen to you - yes, all the way through to Buffy. I found your blog through Joyce, of course!

    1. Of course!
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, its great to have you here.

  9. LOL Buffy!! I love your blog cast! Awesome! You're accent is adorable and I'm glad I clicked on the link Joyce posted (she's a darlin'!)Yay...oooh :( too bad I missed your giveaway ...Grats to the winner!!I've got one going on too so pop on over my dear! Love the creation of your blog name and as for the Christmas exchange....oooh hmmm...I'm so nervous about those!


    Anne http://dollsmusings.blogspot.ca/

    1. Its a shame because the odds were good because so few entered! Maybe next year?
      Oh my accent (very embarrassed)! but thank you. I will come visit right now to check out your giveaway :)
      Don't be nervous! Keep it in mind anyhoo.
      So thank you once again for such nice words and welcome to my little island of Momuboocrea.

  10. Buffy, hihi =)
    I really enjoyed listening to your voice, it's wonderful to know what someone sounds like, the unique ways of pronouncing things =)
    I love best the
    pleasepleaseplease - I'm not begging - pleasepleaseplease ;-D So cute ;-D
    Congrats for being in blogland for a year now =)
    I hope you will enjoy many other joyful years here =)

    1. hahaha! I am such a kid, even more so at Christmas!
      Thank you, it has gone sooooo quickly.
      I hope so too - I even plan to.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  11. Happy blogversary :D really cool idea to make a podcast :) how cool was that? :D
    I'm new around here, I was reading joyzse's blog and now I'm a new follower on yours :)
    I was trying to stay away from exchanges so I can have more time to make xmas gifts for friends and family but... Who can resist to make an exchange after hearing your voice on that podcast? :) heheheh If you don't have too many people already, let me know ;)

    PS: buffy!! Lol :D

    1. Hi Nia, didn't you hear me say your name? You commented on my blog a while ago now and i appreciated that comment as I do this one.
      So, welcome back! Haven't you heard that enough is never enough! lol
      Hugs&smiles to you too!
      Thanks again.

    2. I thought you said Mia hahahaha :) I thought it was the first time I was on your blog so I couldn't hear Nia ;) hehehe
      Ohhhh Why wasn't I following your blog since then?!?! My mistake for sure, probably got distracted, I don't know =/ Now I'm sure I'm following, you'll see me here often ;) hehehe

  12. happy blogversary..
    i am your happy new follower..it is so nice to listen your voice..
    thank you for sharing..
    hugs from south africa xx

  13. Hi Cucki, thank you and welcome :) My ancestors are from SA so we are practically related! kinda sorta not really :)
    Welcome to Momuboocrea Island.

  14. Love it, love it, love it!! So nice to have a face and a voice to match up to a blog. I have to put my hands up though and say I have never seen a Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I feel my life may not be complete now..

    I normally stay away from exchanges as I am so utterly c**p at finishing but if you can put up with a squinty ornie then can i join in please?

    1. OMG! How is that possible? Watching it now it looks dated but the early seasons were great, it is kind of cheesy but great, lol. Not the best sales girl am i?
      Well of course I can, I have squintie eyes so it would be perfect! Will email soon.
      Thanks for stopping by, its great to meet you.

  15. Great Podcast! Buffy!? I know a couple with mini poodles named Angel and Spike ;)

    I would love to participate in your Christmas exchange. It sounds like great fun.

    1. Hi Marcy & welcome to my blog. Great stuff about the exchange I will email you soon.
      I am soooooooo excited :D
      Thanks for stopping by and being so kind.

  16. what a nice way for everyone to meet and hear you! I will have to listen later as my 9month old is up and really noisy for me to pay attention. Wow looks like you have a lot of exchanges to do too! I would join in but I am in a few already

    1. It's nice of you to stop by & I hope you aren't too
      Disappointed later when you can hear my waffle.
      9 months old - adorable & a handful, thank you for
      Finding the time to stop by.

  17. Hi Kate:) having sat giggling at your blog cast with your infectious laugh and waffles. having popped over from Joyzes blog , boy will her head be big now hahahah ... well if you need another victim erm blogger to do your Christmas exchange count me in ...www.talesofastitchingmouse.blogspot.com if you want to pop over and visit as well :)
    t.t.f.n :) love mouse xxxxx

    1. Hi Mouse, thank you! Its great to have you visit and I will email you :) I often visit your blog as its on my reader. xx

  18. Hmmm, don't know why I can't see the podcast. Will have to try at home. happy Blogiversary!!

    1. Oh no! You do get a mention in the roll call, lol. Thank you!

  19. Loved listening to your blogoversary podcast :). It's my first time to visit your blog but I will be back.... Oh that's The Terminator not Buffy :)

  20. Awesome podcast, I just love your voice ! I would love to do an ornament exchange with you :)


    1. Hi, I will email you :) thanks for stopping by and taking
      The time to comment.

  21. Firstly, gee willikers did you make me blush! What a great idea to do a recording! I felt like I didn't give enough credit to those that deserved it (yourself included), but boy you sure didn't have that problem! I'm so jealous of your genius!

    Have to leave out of the ornament exchange...don't share well and hate Christmas...I get so bah humbug at Christmas time. But it looks like you've got plenty of offers, so you won't miss me!

    Oh, and lastly...Buffy!! I never really watched the show much (actually, I am one of the tens of people that preferred the movie-PeeWee Herman was priceless!), but Zander's name came from a Buffy character (although I didn't like their spelling so I changed the "X" to a "Z") and since he wandered around pacing across the floor, like he was contemplating the origins of the universe, his full AKC name was "Meandering Zanderling".

    Zachary's name came from a movie...Hocus Pocus, but I had it wrong, the character's name was Thackery. The little ghost girl who kept calling "Thackery, Thackery Binx" is still prominent in my mind (as well as Sarah Jessica Parker's "Amuck, amuck, amuck" - which is always the theme for our Disney trips, Sisters Amuck - and spelled that way because of an old Donald Duck cartoon-Ducks Amuck).

    But, as per usual, I'm digressing...congrats on your blogoversary...and here's to another year of friendship, laughs, and stitching!!

  22. Hey keebs, thanks! I am looking forward to another year :)
    and it's cool about the exchange!

  23. This is a silly thing to pick up on but I love that you use the term, "Hells Bells". I always felt I was the only one to actually use it! :D

    1. Lol! We are a dying breed. :) I often use old terms as I am
      not a big swearer & I feel like I wear a lot of frocks! I never wear
      them but I should. Apologies if that makes no sense! And
      thanks for stopping by :)

  24. Buffy is a great name for a cat. And for the record I love the exchange piece you made for me, it was great. That was the first exchange I'd ever done and you made it all worthwhile. Judging from the responses you've gotten you don't need any more exchange partners for this year, but if you do just let me know.

  25. Thanks Tiki! Its on the record :) lol! For the record I loved yours too and I am looking forward to getting it out this Christmas :D I would love to exchange with you again Tiki! Its practically a christmas tradition :)

  26. Well I must confess I tried to listen it from beginning to end... (without commenting)but since I had read Joyze's comments before I got the chance to hear it and I LOVED the way she comment... well sorry... but I have to copy... yeahhh I'm a copycat... but if I don't this way I won't comment half of the things I want... and I LOVE your accent too...

    It's always like that isn't it... you're looking for one thing and you go there and there and there and tcharan.... and I was like you too ... I wanna play... I wanna play...

    I love the originality of your name.... and it's not ridicilous... I love the Momuboocrea Island... and you're right with the "island" it would be missing something :D ... no worries you can make it long cause I like hearing your voice eheheh...

    Thank you so much for the mentioning.... lolol you make me blush.... I haven't done anything special... just trying to help you... lolol you're crazy... I wans't disappointed at ALL I do LOVE it a lot and I still have it hanging on my stitching corner for everyone to see and for me to see it constantly... because I DID love it... don't doubt so much of you... the only reason why I haven't done any more exchanges... it's actually because I have so many stuff constantly going on that I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up with the commitment.... but if you don't care about the deadlines not being followed I would love to have more exchanges with you :) (I promise that I might send with 3 weeks delay but I'll always send it ;)) ... I so agree with you regarding Joyzce and Keebie.. they are truly amazing people...and Joyzce is truly an example to follow...
    You're list is so similar too mine... I guess it's Joyzce fault :D

    And ..... following word is .... Buffy.... I've read the Buffy story already and I must say all the pets I had/have (well actually my parents had/have as my landlord doesn't let me have pets sniff sniff) were named out of animation movies too :D

    Finally just to make sure you really know that I do LOVE your exchange eheheh... and I'm not saying this just to be nice... (because I'm not nice eheh... I'm kidding... I hope) I'm saying it cause it's true .... and I love the little ladybugs and the lavender smell... the only thing I regret now is that you can't feel the lavender smell any longer... but that's it... and I guess we can't blame you for that can we :D....

    Ohhh and I promise I'll try to comment a bit more frequently... now that I finally got my new laptop... (and I'm hoping the crazy working period at work is finishing quite soon)


    P.S. Sorry for the realllly long comment :D

  27. I love the long comment! and thank you for taking the time to listen and
    then write this. I loved the exchange that we did - I remember receiving yours and thinking how tiny and perfect it was! You deserve all the praise because as the first person I came into contact with in the stitchy world it really set the tone. I'm sorry the lavender hasn't lasted :( I am happy you may be back for a while, I am sure I am not alone in saying you've been missed!


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