4 Jan 2012

On the starters blocks!

A new years resolution was to blog every Wednesday only.  So as today is Wednesday....tadaa!

I haven't started stitching yet....I am surprised by this as all the stash I need for 'Lady of the Mist' arrived between Christmas and New Year.  My mother very kindly wound them all onto bobbins for me and it is all in its special bag - Betty Boop! (see below) but my mojo is having a slow start to the new year when it comes to cross stitch. I think I am delaying starting because when I do, all my reading and knitting will be flung by the wayside. Is anyone else stitching this Mirabilia? Maybe we could have a SAL together as extra motivation.

My Mirabilia stash sitting patiently for me to start it...

The lovely bag to home my Mirabilia stash.

All ready to go!

32ct Natural Lugana - it is slightly darker in reality.
Instead I have been reading - one graphic novel (Sense & Sensibility) and today a bit of chick lit (The Fat Chance Guide to Dieting; A Novel by Claudia Pattison) and piling up many more, thrillers etc. AND some knitting...

My eldest niece has requested a Fairy like this...

But I didn't have the wool in my stash - but she nagged me to start it and I have, with a cream body, arms, legs and ears and blue fluffy sock tops. I have sparkly pink for the dress and all the dress ruffles and hair will be in blue. It will be a bit garish but she wont mind :) Here is my progress so far...

My middle niece requested a monkey :) but I didnt have any brown wool - and luckily she was happy to wait. I bought the wool yesterday and will start that once the fairy is done. I am quite happy knitting these days - since my masterclass last year with my mum. I sat down with her and the laptop. I was able to knit but was struggling with holding the needles and it was so very awkward. I wanted to get a better technique and so set a few days aside for practising holding the needles and getting good tension. I looked at Youtube but the ladies on there held the needles similar to how I was. Eventually, my mother interjected and showed me how to hold the needle and wool to make it easier. It worked! and I practised and finally felt better about the technique. The needles were still awkward but I put that down to them being too long. When I knitted Santa I used double ended needles that you use when knitting in the round (which I am not ready for yet!) and they are much shorter. I found it easier and finished Santa in time for Christmas but never posted him in his clothes...here he is....

I also spent some time practising crochet, I started trying to learn last year and have finally managed to do single crochet and have been practising getting it neater - next step is to work on learning how to do doubles, and squares. I am finding it really difficult but am not prepared to give up just yet!

And as its the first Wednesday of 2012, here is a summary of my finishes since I began blogging in September 2011.

Not as bad as I had thought -I am actually quite surprised. 3 medium sized projects, 9 Ornaments, 3 Scarves and a Santa. This year I am hoping for WIP finishes too :)

Who knows what the week will bring but I will undoubtedly update you all next Wednesday -sending you all stitchy wishes for the week ahead!

Kate x

P.S Was thinking of stitching something for the Queens diamond jubilee and the London 2012 ideas so if you spot any patterns suitable - let me know!


  1. I can't wait to see your completed fairy for your niece!
    Good luck with Lady of the Mist. She will be gorgeous :)

  2. Happy New Year Kate! I can't wait to see your start on Lady of the Mist! I should be starting my Mira soon. I may have to wait a couple of weeks yet though. :)

  3. Looking forward to following your Mirabilia progress. You had some awesome finishes last year. Is the first pic of your cross stitch finishes a comic book cross stitch design? Looks like it's finished as a pillow. Love it.

  4. Love all those pics, Kate. You've accomplished so much. :D

    Looking forward to seeing your Mira start.

  5. Congratulations for all your wonderful finishes, and so many since September!
    Can't wait to see your Mira grow!!!


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