18 Jun 2015

Stitchy update!


I thought I would give you all a stitchy update before IHSW this weekend.

When I last posted it was this:

and it is currently this:

with the eventually goal being this:

And here is a reminder of the finished picture:

In other news, my niece who has seen me stitching this has asked me to stitch her a picture for her birthday. She will be 4! She is sooooo adorable though that I thought, well, if I could find a simple pic of Anna or Elsa from frozen then I might be able to get it done by her birthday at the end of August....so I asked her if she would like a picture of Anna or Elsa (Anna is her favourite!) and I opened up a whole can of worms...

Ebony: I would like Anna and Elsa, and they need to be in the middle in their coronation dressess! Oh, and they also need to be in their Frozen Fever dresses too.

Me: I said....erm....okaaaaaaayyyyyyy

Ebony: And they have to be together, so Anna and Elsa in their coronation dresses and then at the side Anna and Elsa in their Frozen fever dresses.

Image result for open mouthed shock


So.....if anyone has seen any simple cross stitch Frozen charts....please let me know! Thanks


  1. Great progress! It'll be great to see how much you get done this weekend!

    If you Google for Frozen cross stitch patterns, there seem to be loads out there. Although this doesn't quite fit Ebony's exacting standards, it is pretty cute and it's free from Craftsy! http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/embroidery/hand-embroidery/frozen-disney-movie-cross-stitch/84042

    I'm not too familiar with the film, I've seen it once and did enjoy it, but I don't remember the outfits! There are a lot of pixel designs for Frozen (like the Clouds Factory type) so you might be able to mix and match and come up with something simple that works.

    Just have to say....how gorgeous is Ebony??!! That is one killer smile too!

  2. It's not simple but Tilton Crafts have a great one of the two of them together.

    1. Thanks, I'll check it out :) it just needs to be stitch able in the timeframe.

  3. Couldn't help but chuckle at the exchange between you and Ebony (who is adorable by the way). Part of me is thinking "good for you for knowing exactly what you want" and part of me is thinking "poor Kate - what have you let yourself in for!". LOL

    1. Hehe...yes, she definitely knows what she wants and is a right little madam BUT adorable in so many ways too. It all evens out. I on the other hand am a sucker! hahahah

  4. You are doing SOOO amazing on this! How does it feel to be back in stitchyland?

    I've seen a lot of Frozen stitches on Etsy. That Tilton one wouldn't be a quick stitch unless you worked on it constantly, but it is pretty (it's probably bigger than twice the size of the one you're doing now). You could always do what I do, buy the chart, give it to them for their birthday so that they can give it back to you to stitch and then you can spend as long as you want on it.

    1. Thanks Keebs - I am holding on in there - Maia Serenity arrives tomorrow so i'm debating which to stitch...i may stay with 66 whilst i'm not yet bored. lol!

      That's a really good idea re. the chart thing. I am actually surprised at how few designs they are considering everything in the market seemed to be Frozen themed.

  5. Excellent progress!! Good luck on the Frozen ideas, yikes!


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