16 Jun 2015

10 mid-year resolutions for stitching (22)

Its June! My stitchy mojo has arrived for the year and so I have decided to make some plans. Ordinarily, I see that people do this in January but due to the late arrival of my mojo I am doing it now. Feel free to join me if there are some new habits/things you would like to achieve in the remainder of the year.

So, here goes...10 things I would like to do with whats left of the year!

1. Continue to grow my stash.
I know there are a fair few people out there who are trying to reduce their stash and I support that but, my stash is pretty small and I would just like a few more options on hand and by stash I mean fabric as well as threads and charts and kits!

2. Stitch some smalls
With Christmas only six months away, I would like to stitch some Christmas themed smalls, I just need to choose a style and some designs. I must go off in search of people posts entitled 'My top 10 favourite Christmas stitches'...

3. International Hermit and Stitch Weekend
IHSW is the event that started me blogging - yes, it created this monster! and this year I have been rather absent from participating. This has been mainly due to the absence of le mojo. For the rest of the year I intend to take part as I used to and visit all the wonderful blogs and see their projects as I used to. I am also thinking that IHSW will be a great opportunity for stitching those smalls.

4. Join a RR (Round Robin)
I have always enjoyed seeing these and have long wanted to participate, I think these are notoriously difficult to get involved in but maybe I can at least join one by the end of the year. Who knows! Have you ever taken part in one? Pro's and con's?

5. Organise my threads.
Okay, so my threads are already organised but I recently decided to take on a bit of a crafty project which entails me making my new housing system for my threads. I haven't started yet as I am still gathering supplies. I am looking forward to it but am pacing myself as I want the end result to be good and not rushed or tacky looking.

6. Go to the Stitching exhibition.
This isnt till November but I will go. Luckily for me, I make considered purchases when I am buying items in person, its only online that its so easy to press click! I do get a lot of inspiration from these as you see a lot of finished items.

7. Finish Faces of Faery 66.
Obviously with six months left I should, if my mojo stays around, manage to finish this by the end of the year. I would like to get it framed when its done so I hope it comes out well, those colours eventually resemble what they should and that I don't make any mistakes that I can't adjust.

8. Maia Serenity
This still hasn't arrived and I hope it does today. There is no reason it should be taking this long. I am also keen to get my mitts on it and have a look. The last anchor produced kit that I did was a horse for a friend, I turned it into a cushion, and I really liked the kit a lot so my expectations are high for this.

9. Create a stitchy schedule
Now...before you say it, I know, I know! There is a strong likelihood that i won't stick to a schedule but there is also a strong likelihood that I might. I do like variety and change so having set times on set projects might actually work in keeping me focussed. Plus...you have to have resolutions that you can't keep, right?

10. Be ready for next year!


  1. I love schedules, even if all they do is tell you that you're OFF schedule! lol Good luck with your resolutions.

  2. Good luck...all great goals! I have never done a RR, but it's not really my style, so that's probably not surprising.

    I'm going to say my only stitch goal right now is to not start anymore until I finish at least one I've got in rotation...doesn't matter which one, just one of them! And I want to reorganize my stash too, that mess drives me mad!

    1. hehe...i know its not your thing :) How many are you rotating? 4? You can finish two of those I'm sure....actually do you have 5 in rotation...no wait...6???

  3. Great ideas! I'm aiming to organize my threads over the next few weeks because they're all lumped in a box right now. My fabric is somewhat organized in that it's in tissue in a mesh drawer, but it needs help too. Go stitching mojo!

    1. Hehe! I look forward to seeing pics of your organised threads - they always look so pretty. I am easily pleased, lol!

  4. Great goals! There's nothing wrong with making a loose stitching plan that has room to be flexible!

    I've got a lot of fabric that I might not have a use for, what kind do you like to use? I'm sure I can dig some stuff out for you if you want?

    1. Oh! Too true Miamina, and it definitely needs to be flexible.
      Oh thats really kind of you :) I'll stitch on anything!

    2. Cool, if you drop me a message at the email address in my profile and give me your address, I'll have a dig around and find some bits and bobs to send you :)


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