22 Jun 2015

#IHSW Progress


I hope everyone is well and had a great weekend. I did stitch!

It didn't quite go to plan....

I had hoped to stitch on Faery 66 on Friday, spend Saturday opening, examining and playing with Serenity, and then on Sunday continue with Serenity.

My idea being that IHSW would be focussed on Serenity.

The reality was that Serenity never arrived - I am not going to be using that company again, I ordered two other things from two other companies after Serenity and they have arrived already.

I did still makes some progress.

I stitched on 66 on Friday evening and on Saturday and Sunday I also stitched on 66. I had to fit it around jobs and visits but I am pleased with the progress I made.  I also ended up watching Hercules and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, as well as Season 1 of Intelligence. So all in all it wasn't so bad.

Here is where I left off on Friday:

and this is where I left it on Sunday:

There were a few moments when it looked so wrong! Especially when I started the eye - although there are so many colours in that, I soon got bored of changing thread :)

And a reminder again of what I am hoping to end up with...

Now I am off to check out everyone else's progress! 

Oh! before I go...Ebony and I looked at Frozen designs and eventually came to an agreement on this one below which I think I should be able to finish in time! 


  1. Great progress! You're going to be done in no time! Don't fret too much about the missing Serenity...more than likely, it's stuck in US customs. I've had packages stuck there for upwards of four months for no obvious reason other than they just wanted to hold it because they could. By the time you get it, it will probably look like it was drug under a truck, stomped on, thrown from a plane, and went swimming in a sewage pit. The joy that is US customs!

  2. Wow, that is a ton of progress! And I don't blame you on jumping around the eye, that will take some time. I hope Serenity arrives soon and nice choice on the Frozen one.

  3. That's excellent progress and great choice for Frozen.

    1. Thanks Bea, it was tough choosing with Ebony, this was the best compromise I could find - now to locate some ice blue fabric :)

  4. Amazing progress! You got a lot done. Love the Frozen piece you chose.

    1. Thanks Kate. It's going in the right direction!

  5. Great choice on the Frozen design and well done on the progress!

    1. Thanks - I am hoping it stitches up quickly :)


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