19 Jun 2015

10 smells to sniff at (24)

To some of you this may seem a little odd but yesterday as I sat waiting for a bus a distinct smell wafted beneath my nostrils and it was very comforting. Am I the only one who finds certain smells comforting? Nooooo. I am sure you all have some favourites so feel free to share them in the comments :D

Here are my top 10 favourite smells....

1. Wet mud
This might be due to a childhood passion of making mud pies...A LOT! and yet..I'm not a chef today..lol!

2. Fresh cut grass
I do have hay fever but my allergy is to Tree pollen so grass being cut doesnt bother me so much...and the smell!! Oh the smell...

3. Fresh bread
Maybe everything on my list needs to be prefaced with 'Fresh' but this smell was probably created by the devil him/herself as waft of this and your body craves it.

4. Bacon
I had to include this because the smell of bacon is mesmeric, I don't know why, but I think the smell is much better than the taste, but what a smell.

5. Roberto Cavalli perfume
This is my favourite perfume at the moment :D That is all!

6. Clean sheets
Nothing makes you want to go to bed early like freshly cleaned sheets and mores the better if they have been dried on the washing line - you can sink into them and drift off to sleep with such ease.

7. Vanilla
I know some people are iffy about vanilla, but I like the smell.

8. The sea
The smell of the sea sparks your brain into accessing its memory banks (if like me you live almost as far away from any coastline that you can be in the UK) and it makes me think of blustery days and period novels (those set in a specific period...not the other kind of period! ewwwww).

9. Cinnamon
I nearly never included this, as its only once a year that you will find me buying cinnamon scented candles, and yes its at Christmas.

10. Hair spray
Again with smells and linking to memories, but the smell of hair spray always reminds me of my younger years getting ready to go out, or watching my sister getting ready, and you wouldn't go anywhere in the 80s/early 90s without hair spray. The smell is forever associated with that moment just before the fun starts, haha.


  1. Whilst not all of those have the same attachment for me, there are some that do. Being born and growing up in a seaside town, the smell of the sea means home! I love the smells of Vanilla and Cinnamon too! Fresh baked bread....well, just a real weakness!

    I love the smell of coffee, more than I like the taste. I do drink it but the smell is just wonderful, I guess a bit like the smell of bacon. I'm always slightly disappointed when I actually eat/drink it!

    The other one for me is a childhood thing and it's quite specific, Palmolive Almond Milk. I still use the shower wash to this day! When I was little it was one of the few things that didn't set off skin problems and the smell of it just makes me feel comforted!

    1. Smells are as good at transporting you through time as music is! I mean in memories as opposed to the Drs phonebox, lol!

  2. I like your choices. People's favorite smells always interest me as I was born without a sense of smell. Sometimes that's nice, sometimes it's not.

    1. You are lucky not to smell the bad smells - like fresh country air! :)

  3. Yes to cut grass! I love the smell of the sea as well. Isn't it amazing how the right smell can transport you right back to childhood?

    1. It is - its as powerful as music :)

  4. About the only one I would agree with you on is the sea, it is one of the best smells ever!

    With my head issues, all smells are magnified, especially when I have a headache . Some smells make me sick like popcorn, bacon, coffee, or sour cream. Plus, I work in a lab where I'm constantly exposed to body part juices mixed with formaldehyde, so any other smell is just made worse by that. Even the weakest of flowers is overpowering to me, so I just like to look and not smell. The smell of grass reminds me of all the years I had to mow our yard growing up, so I definitely don't like grass.

    My favorites, besides the ocean, would be Bam's breath (puppy breath gags me as does big dog breath, but I've always loved all my boys' breath), most every smell in Disney World, tea (yes, I can smell tea and it surprises me that most people can't), fruit, Sweet Tarts, and, on the perfume front, I'm more of a Burberry girl.

  5. I like a lot of these as well, but cinnamon would be right at the top for me. LOVE that scent.


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