14 Jul 2014

Eaten by a giant doughnut!


So...just keeping you all in the loop...hey! c'mon don't be like that, I did consider writing this stuff and posting it somewhere else, but as my blog is a jumble sale waiting to happen already, I didnt see any harm in it. It also helps me keep a record of what I like to call "stuff" hhehehe.

So the latest stuff is that the MRI happened yesterday! Whoo! At last :), so I am now just chilling till wednesday when I will hopefully get some feedback.

I have not had an MRI before and didnt really know what to expect, when you see them on TV it is always patients who have to be fully encased in the coil. For my leg, I was only half encased, but as I lay on the hard bed and looked up it was very much like I was being consumed by a doughnut.

I had been told by a friend that the MRI is very loud and boy was it! I had the radio on but when the machine was 'in action' I couldnt really hear it, which actually suited me just fine. I had been given the choice three radio stations and wanting to avoid adverts (they really annoy me) I opted for Radio 2. Little did I know that at the time of day when I was having my MRI, the radio show host was none other than Richard Madeley! Oh dear god - that was the longest twenty minutes EVER!

I also wanted to be a good patient and didnt want to move my leg, it was held still in a brace but it wasnt a rigid brace - more of a memory foam type of thing, I was concentrating so much on keeping still that i had forgotten to breathe out!

What also surpirsed me was that you could feel the vibrations and I hadnt expected that, I was thinking it would be much like an x-ray, but it didnt hurt so no worries. My leg was a bit achey afterwards but nothing like the pain I have had for the last 7 weeks so that was another good thing.

Now I had this MRI at the same place that I went last week, do you remember?, where me and my mother were branded liars, and ridiculed and bullied? well, this was a different shift and thus different staff and thus I was actually treated like a human being. Utterly relieved.

So, other than all that waffle, today I came up with an interesting story idea so might give that a go - slightly sci-fi thriller/horror, and also I wanted to ask any crafters out their for stitching recommendations. I want to stitch when travelling in the US and Scotland over the next few months and I am not sure what! I need a new project.

I know that is pretty vague, but I was thinking, something bright, not too many colour changes but not too simple. Ok, have I just made it more vague?

Happy Mondays people of the world! Oh dear, I am sounding like a spice girl, oh bugge it!




  1. I've never really thought of it as a doughnut before, maybe because of the smell? But now I'm craving a doughnut, so thanks!

    1. Oops! it was only a doughnut with a whole - i much prefer raspberry jam filled ones :) mmmmmm

      but,,,,far too sugary and you dont REALLY like them. hehe

  2. The doughnuts are taking their revenge! To the hills! Doughnuts can't get up hills, right?

    Hope your results come back okay.

    1. They cannot...i doughnut think so anyway! *groan*

      Thanks Addman - me too :)

  3. Fingers crossed that you get some answers.

    1. Thanks Sarah - I'm practising the look, the look that says 'do you think that is a suitable and informative answer', lol!


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