13 Jul 2014

Panic stitching!


Its a sleepy sunday here for me, but someone is coming over to collect some stuff at 8.30am - its 8.31am which makes them late!, I am a stickler for timekeeping :)

Anyway, yesterday when I woke up I realised I had been dreaming about my upcoming USA trip and how exactly that would work with not knowing anyone in the three cities I first go to, and then of course hobbling around on crutches and whatnot. So I had been thinking about possible tweaks that I could make and the feasibility of that, and one of those ideas involved having extra time for chilling out and stitching!  Thats when I panicked.

My left foot has been the problem for the past 8 weeks but about 5 days ago my right middle finger became swollen and stiff, and what if I couldnt stitch?

My good left hand...

My not so good right hand...

So I obviously had to stitch something to see, and I remembered that my magazine had a little kit in it with very small icons.  It is with great relief that I announce to you all that, I can stitch!

Here it is, a little blue tit, i won't lie, I would have been a little blue tit if I hadnt been able to, lol!

In other news, I test ran life as an 80 something woman, it involved using a shower designed for the elderly, using a chair that was designed for those with limited mobility, and yes, I even had a go on a walking stick! Oh my days, it was a whirlwind of an evening :) I am literally online now ordering, blue rinse hair dye and some lily of the valley perfume!

Oh, and I have my MRI this lunchtime, AND I double checked that the appointment was real and I hadnt "imagined" it all again! It is real, and a step closer to a diagnosis and recovery.

Which leaves me to ponder on what mischief I will relish in today....maybe listen to some Jim Reeves and have a small sherry?


  1. Can I confess to actually being quite partial to sweet sherry? It reminds me of my childhood when we were allowed a tiny glass of it at midnight on NYE.

    Best of luck with the MRI.

    1. Hehe, of course and thank you!

  2. Hope the MRI gives you some answers. Good luck!

  3. I can't believe you finally stitched (or that you were even able to)!! Our stitching mojos are not sympatico...yours comes on when mine goes off!

    1. hahha! me neither - but it was in blind panic that i might not be able to, maybe when i get out there we can synchronise them!


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