4 Aug 2014

Do the robot!


How long has it been? Ok, its been a while.

I went for my MRI results and the verdict (even though I was previously informed this wasnt the case) was that I had an infection and they decided to hospitalise me whilst they gave me antibiotics intravenously.

I did write to you all every day that I was in hospital, telling you about the days activities and very dull stuff that I doubt you would have wanted to know about. So, I have decided not to bore you all with 3000 words of my five days in hospital.

Anyway, they released me and I was marginally improved, I didnt skip out as I had hoped sadly but hospitals are no fun.

About two days before I left to go to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, my right elbow seized up and now I have a linp, a swollen hand and finger permanently frozen in 'the bird' pose, an arm that won't straighten or bend and sharp shooting pains in my shoulder and neck. Oh yeah, its been fun!

Glasgow was fun however, and even though at times it was a challenge as I was in a lot of pain some days, and I can't walk far or fast, the drugs helpes and I was extremely lucky that my wonderful mother was with me.

We did a tour of Glasgow city, we saw the artistic gymnastics, we visited the highlands, glencoes and loch ness, we saw the last day of the athletics and we came home :) Photos will follow after all this blurb!

Sadly, I was suppose to be going on alone to edinburgh for the fringe festival - which I had been planning and looking forward to for this past year - but after a couple of days a way I realised how reliant I was on my mother to help me and doing that alone would have been too difficult for me. It was horrible having to cancel everything and I feel like I have totally failed.

Unfortunately, the tickets I had bought were non-refundable, I tried for five days to sell them but no-one was interested, and then I decided I couldnt bear to see them wasted and offered them for free (over £200 worth!) and then I had some interest. I decided to give them to a woman who was going to give them to her staff as rewards, at least that way more people get the benefit of them as opposed to just one person.

I was going to review all the acts I saw, which I can't do but any feedback I get from her about the shows, if her staff tell her then I will share that at some point in a 'Heres what you could have won post'.

I am supposed to go away in 6 weeks so now have to make the decision to amend that trip, which means doing less than I had planned, but spending extra time with a friend. I plan on going come hell or high water so if I have to change it then I will.

I don't know if you are like me, but I hate being ill, I hate being dependent on others, and I hate to feel like I am putting people out and it was recently brought to my attention that the world doesnt revolve around me - and I hadnt thought that I was behaving in any way in which I thought it did - I hate not being able to do everything that I could do, and it drives me to distraction most of the time, my day is made up of calculating and remembering when to take the next lot of drugs and how many hours after food, or before food or with food, and it just is taking up all my time.

I dont like to go out because I have to use a stick and still walk like I filled my pants, then my arm all angled like I am doing the robot, plus walking so slowly, and just all of that makes me want to climb back into bed. The only reason I dont is because I dont know what is going to swell up or freeze on me next!  So here I am, sat in front of a computer screen, attempting to reach out to people as much as I can.

I have ten days till i have to return to work, so expect tend days of blogs about music, blogs, crafts, travel and maybe a few stories and poems. My blog is my lifeline at the moment and I'm gonna abuse it as such.

And to cheer us all up! Here are some pics from Scotland!! Whoooo!

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  1. You WILL get better, you WILL have an amazing time in America with your amazing friend...you will see! Oh, and FYI, the world does actually revolve around you just like mine does me. Others are just visitors to our worlds and they may influence or change our behavior, but it's still OUR behavior and therefore OUR world!


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