30 Apr 2012

Pretty photo

I walked to work today (as usual) and was met half way with this image;

It has been raining all day everyday for the last week but it was the weekends rain that forced the river to flood. It means that I need to turn around and walk the long way. I still make it to work with a minute to spare, phew!
I tool another picture as I crossed over the river on the overpass.

It looks pretty but is very annoying! Grr. I hope everyone else had an easier commute :)

I would also like to thank those who answered my plea and followed my other blog, thank you thank you! Today is the last day and I still need 5 more, I don't think that it is possible but its been fun trying! 

I am also hoping to get back to stitching by the weekend! I have been missing it.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous pics!!  I am so jealous!


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