29 Nov 2011

Do a little dance!

Well.....what can I say? I am in overdrive at the moment and may have ambushed some people blogs with long and jolly comments - spread the joy that's what I say!

Why am I so happy?
Firstly, I have finally saved enough for my trip! Yippee :) But decisions will need to be made :( I am rubbish at making decisions....But it still warrants a very long and over exaggerated happy dance!

Secondly, my signed copy of Joan Elliotts Fairy enchantment has arrived - like I need anymore distractions! But yay! More dancing.

I am going to carry on reading some blogs and then stitch naked Santa together and make him some clothes!

AND I am one follower away from a nice round number of 30 - it will be nice to go into the new year with a round number (thats not too anal, is it?)

Bye for now and thanks for stopping by and a extra dosey doe and spin around for those who regularly comment on my posts and provide me with inspiration. THANKS!!!

*skips off*

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  1. You are so funny! Congrats on saving enough for your vacation. So exciting!


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