28 Nov 2011

I cheated on my...

I cheated on my....cross stitch! At least I felt like I had.

These last few days I have been spending time on my knitting. I even had a master class with my mother on Saturday. The reason for this was because I held the needles in a peculiar manner and was quite slow. So I decided that if I worked on my technique then I would improve.  I am glad to say that the practice has been paying off - I made a tea cosy (I need a tea pot in order to finish it off) and am half way through a knitted Santa. I can see straight away that the tension is better, and that my knitting speed is increased. I am really happy with the progress and will post a pic of Santa (and his cute nose) when he is finished (any day now).

When I woke up this morning I felt guilty, I seem to have inherited my fathers catholic guilt without being a catholic. I thought I should be stitching when I was knitting and when knitting thought I should be stitching. So to try and make up for it I stitched a snowman today.  I was going to put him in a card but I think he would make a great ornament.  I found the pattern in a Joan Elliott book (I am a fan - lol!) and thought I would give it a go.  After I started it I realised that I didn't have the exact colours or any gold beads.  So as usual I made do with the colours I had and used some blue beads - I thought they would pass as snow better than the red ones I have!

So here is a pic of the little man and when I have finished off making him into an ornament I will post it again.  I better get back to knitting Santa - he is armless and legless, mittenless, topless and hatless!


  1. Guilt is a funny thing, especially of the religious variety! I was Christened Catholic and raised Southern Baptist! No wonder I'm not religious now, but man does that guilt still linger!

    I tried so hard to learn to knit and crochet, but I just couldn't get it, that's how I started cross-stitching, it was a last ditch effort by my Step-grandma to teach me something, so congrats on learning!!

  2. LOL! You're so funny. Cute snowman, and now.... where are pics of your knitting? ;)

  3. I like the blue beads. He looks great!


  4. Vey cute snowman Kate :-) He will make a great ornament.

  5. Love the blog Kate. As I both knit and stitch, I do a bit of both each day, mornings usually for knitting or through the day where I can pick it up and leave it down and then evenings for stitching, this I find helps ease the guilt a bit lol. Love the snowman, he's very cute and would make a terrific ornament.

  6. Your snowman looks cute. Great job!


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