30 Nov 2011

Its hard to make friends..

Its hard to make friends..but not impossible!!

Ok, so the friend in question is my little Santa I mentioned I was making so that I could practice knitting. He is currently sitting on my bed topless! That Santa is such a little rogue ;)

He is actually quite a large fellow - I had anticipated something a little smaller but as I sewed him together I realised that he is quite large but my what a cutey.  I was laughing like a mad woman as I stitched on his arms - who knew he had one arm longer than the other! (Did I mention I am not great at remembering which row I am on or even how many I have done - oopsy!)

I followed the steps in the book for putting him together but I would have stitched his face before making the head if I were to do it again.  I also (as I am prone to do - and you know it) changed some things...who me?..yes me.

I used cream wool for his skin colour instead of beige (I think the cream was to be used as a vest) and I didn't have any mohair wool lying around (except in black and silver :)) and so used white.  I also made some changes to his face so that he would look more like 'my' Santa - you know, the one who lives in my head.  I also decided to use red crayon for his nose only (the pattern recommended nose and cheeks).  I also stitched his rosy cheeks as well as his red mouth and then I gave him some blue eyes and he HAD to have gold rimmed spectacles...no?

He is still waiting for his jacket, belt, boots, hat and mittens to be made - he was feeling shy to have a picture taken with only his trousers on - but a few glasses of sherry and some cookies later, he let me twist his longest arm.....

This is what he is supposed to look like when finished....

And this is what Santa looks like at the moment......

Sorry about the blur on this pic but he was a bit startled by the flash.

Its desperate time when you have to knit yourself some friends! But he never disagrees with me and he lets me watch non-stop Christmas movies AND I get to eat all the chocolate! Who could ask for a better friend ;)

Its getting colder now though, so I better get him some clothes to keep him warm...

Kate x

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