9 Mar 2017

Top 5 Tuesday #9 Quick Stitches


I hope you have been checking out the posts written by Tiff and Emma (see side-bar for links). Mine was slightly delayed due to me not being very organised this week, and my mother having a birthday on Tuesday and then me not going home at all yesterday!

But here I am, and it turns out I don't have really quick stitches in my stash....although I do have lots of Durene Jones charts so they could count...hmmm...I also have a lot of books with quick stitches in too, but again I am not at home...I miss home!

So, I have decided to pick my five favourite Lizzie-Kate designs. I stitched one once for an exchange, it was my very first exchange, but sadly the piece was burnt in the fire. However, I have a fondness for the designs due to the simple yet quirky style, and the fact that my name is Kate and my nickname is Lizzie so, it kinda works! lol

Anyway, enough waffle from me in my 599th post! I am going to list some of their freebie designs.

1. This is a free design by Lizzie Kate, This is the one that we stitched and exchanged and if anyone is interested in doing an exchange with me for any of the five designs then just holler! If you click on the image it will open the PDF chart.

Image result for lizzie kate friendship grows

2. A hug will do. I chose this because I overheard my 5 year old niece asking her grandma the following...'Do you ever run out of hugs?'

A Hug Will Do, a new free chart from Lizzie Kate

3. Hello Spring (well it is spring! :) )
Hello Spring

4. Spooky Time

5. Count your blessings

Count Your Blessings


  1. Great choices, LK is one of my favourite designers so I too have stitched a few of the above. They are indeed quick and lots of fun :)

    1. Its easy to swap out colours too if needed :)

  2. Love these ones, and great way to introduce newbies to LK designs too with some free ones.

    1. Yeah, I like a lot of their larger designs too!

  3. Don't feel bad...I was late too! Crazy week!

  4. Love Lizzie Kate designs. I'm stitching friendship for a swap and I've got spring lined up to stitch for a present. Great list

  5. Fun choices, Kate! I kitted up two of the LK freebies for my nieces to learn to stitch. 10 ct Tula and perle cotton made them easy to work.

    I made a top 5 post of my own but I don't find a 'button ' to connect to your page. Here's a link to mine. http://lauraslinenworkes.blogspot.com/2017/03/top-5-tuesday-9-quick-stitches.html

  6. Great choices - I have stitched the first one for a gift. They're so easy to use for practice at swapping colours.


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