13 Feb 2016

Preparation begins for April and September....

Hi Everyone,

Guess what? Go on...have a guess...that's right! I have signed up again for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and you can check out the link in my sidebar and join in too. I have failed twice now I think, mainly due to my poor organisational skills when it comes to scheduling, but...I did succeed the first year that I took part and so based on that I am giving it another go.

I shall be blogging here about the original entries I made the first year that I took part in the challenge and looking at whether I succeeded or not and I hope to add something extra stitchy but we shall see - a test run will be occurring tonight - but I shall keep you posted.

It seems to be fate as I am number 676 this year...and being born in 76...you know, how can I fail?

I took this on board and decided to enter an A to Z for my music blog which I am re-birthing over at 'Look Listen Love Music' where I have announced today my topic which I hope you will all enjoy if you have time to stop by there in April.

Shockingly I have NOT STITCHED all week....I have carried my stitching around with me mind, in the hope that I would get a chance to do some. I spent last week at my course, and I went to a writers group (which was quite fab- an in person one no less!). I hope to rectify this and spend Sunday stitching.

The September preparation is the plan I have to get my bum over to Canada - so if you fancy meeting for coffee or lunch or something then drop me a line! I shall be travelling east to west and thats about all I have planned so far! Time to get a move on...or at least by April.

So...join in the fun of the A to Z Challenge....we might have to put Top 10 Tuesdays on hold for the month (what do you think Keebs? Tiff?)...


  1. Good luck with the A to Z - I will be looking forward to your entries.

    I'd love to meet you - we'll have to see how the western end of your trip plans out.

    1. OKey doke Bea :) that would be awesome! I may need the luck as I don't have a great track record, lol!

  2. Love the new layout! And you will LOVE Canada! It really is beautiful! Make sure to get to Niagara Falls, the Canadian side is WAY prettier (and they may be shutting the New York side off soon for a while to build a new bridge, so best see it in all it's splendor).

    Most definitely on hold for April. I swear I'm going easier on the challenge this year but, the closer it gets, the more wild my plans get. I've got to reign myself in somehow!

    1. Hehe...I know that feeling! I am doing two so I need to get them done in advance...and I am SOOOOO great at that! lol

  3. I agree with being on hold for April as there's a good chance I'll be joining the challenge as well. I can meet you anywhere around Montreal if you'll be there, so let me know!

    1. Ok, cool! ON hold it is then as we are all unanimous :)


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