5 Jan 2016

Top 10 things to save in a fire

Today's topic is a dramatic start to the new year! I thought of it as I pondered what I would save, most of you may remember my house fire and subsequent burglary of 2014, and having lost things that I was emotionally connected to I wondered if anything had changed. 

I haven't really bought anything that I wouldn't be ok losing. I think it's quite common for people having experienced loss not to want to hold onto anything for fear of losing it again. 

I sat at home last ninth and looked around at items that I might grab...

1. Mobile phone
I would grab this and the charger because it's my main form of contact and communication. 

This is the only thing non-living that I would have to grab. Everything else is replaceable. All heirlooms were lost in the fire so there isn't anything like that to grab. 

I guess number two could be...

2. Stitchy stash 
My stash is one craft bag, a plastic file and then 8 boxes of threads. How many items does that cover? 
I might grab the file (with charts) and the threads and maybe some fabric?! Would I have time? 

3. Laptop
I might grab this only because it's easier to type on and watch Netflix on and such! 

4. Painting
I have a painting on my wall that I bought in 2002 in Ghana and I love the vibrancy and the design and yet there are so many flaws in terms of perspective yet it makes me love it more. 

5. Pluto
Anyone who knows me knows I love Pluto, I have a collection of pluto's....which keebs would scoff at...I have four of them :) but two Pluto mugs too! I might grab those.

6. Walking dead graphic novels
I have 23 of these and yeah, not the easiest thing to grab, but they survived the fire, we're stolen by the burglars and eventually returned to me, so I fell that they should stay with me.

7-10. Wild cards
I'd like to keep these as to be used on the day...like I'd grab my boots but only if I was wearing shoes, I also have a cosy homemade jumper, and then there is that dress that I feel amazing in...lol!

Why not share your list? Or go check out Keebs and Tiffs! 


  1. Good list. I wondered what you'd write with your perspective on this situation.

    1. I wondered too! I think your list is very practical and im still kicking myself for not having put passport :)

  2. Great list, I would take my paintings from Belize.


    1. Hello Catherine :) Oh I would love to see them - I bet they are awesome!

  3. I would never scoff at a Disney collection, no matter it's size...it's the content that counts! And if I ever get your box shipped to you, you just might be able to add to said collection!

    1. Hehe...thanks keebs :) Ooh! Well I'm not going anywhere so plenty of time :)

  4. You of course have a unique perspective on this topic, so it's interesting to see your list.


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