10 Jan 2016

Music reviews have a new home...

Hi There!

I was thinking, as I am prone to do, about what things make me happy....as in really happy...as in hip hop hip to the hop happy...and the same two things were at the top of the list...writing and music!

I started blogging due to crafting and I had a blog called Momuboocrea Island...when I started writing music reviews (way back in 2012) I started this one...and they ended up morphing together. So in no short way, what I am trying to say is that writing music reviews is what started me writing fiction...and a band I reviewed in 2012, both their single and a gig, are now releasing their album. It doesn't seem possible that it was three and a half years ago, and I imagine for them it has been three long years of hard graft, but it was...and it is at the end of the month that they are playing in London.

I shall be going! I shall be taking my niece to her first ever gig (they are family friendly)! and I shall be blogging about the album and the gig.

I still have my music page here but I have moved over to a new home for my music reviews, this is because I am starting a course soon on music journalism, its just a short course that I thought would help me to write better reviews. I find myself waffling at times - see Band Reviews for all that - and sometimes finding just the right words to describe the music can be a challenge. I am hoping this course will help me with that.

So...if by any chance you are curious to see what music I am listening to and reviewing or gigs I am off to this year then please go and check out my past reviews on my new blog:

AND...yes there is more...here are the links to the band mentioned above...they are called Narrow Plains and just finished a small tour of the US in the summer.

I hope to see some of you over there and if you have any band recommendations who you think deserve a listen then I am always open to suggestions.

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