29 Jun 2015

Quick stitchy update! #2


So, I did get a few hours of stitching in last night but it did involve some frogging of a letter I had started previously, I hadn't gone wrong but I made a gruesome discovery..hehhe...

When I picked the sampler up again and thought about which bit to stitch next I realised that I had misplaced the variegated orange thread that I had used, and I searched in my threads and discovered I had no match for it. The most likely reason being that I grabbed the thread initially and wasn't too bothered whether it was DMC or not. This has now backfired on me.

So...I had the choice of frogging that colour or coming up with a solution...the solution I was going to go with was to swap the same four colours around to the different letter sizes per quarter...but when I started on the page two I decided that I liked the full orange alphabet and would continue with that colour straight across and have done so. I then chose a DMC variegated thread in a colour that went with Orange and began the bigger letters on that page.

I do wonder if anyone else ever does this to themselves! I could make my life easier and frog the whole thing but...I then decided it was a sampler so a mish mash might be ok. As the piece is actually for me and not going to be given away I am happy with it...All the randomness will be a reminder to myself to plan better. lol!

Here is where I left off...

and this is where I got to...

I also did some crafting on Saturday but it was for my thread organiser. I currently have all my threads stored in plastic boxes on bobbins and have a complete kit and then extra ones in a very nice wooden bobbin box. I like this but I hate putting them all back when I use some or searching for them and also re-piling the containers annoys me...hehehe. I am soooo sensitive!

Anyway, I came up with an idea a few weeks ago and decided that if I was going to have a homemade one then I would need to take my time because I did not want to make something that I would hate or would look too amateur hour.

So Saturday was preparation day and my 6yo niece helped me - she is so patient and didn't mind the repetitive tasks and together we managed to get the frame put together. I still need to decorate that, then finish the thread holders, which took me a while to settle on a design that would work both in function and appearance and I am hopeful that I have come up with the perfect idea for me at least.

Once its finished I shall post a picture of the final design :)

I hope you have all had a good weekend and been suitably productive.

Katy x


  1. That sounds very interesting! I can't wait to see what it looks like and if I should steal your idea. :)

    1. Hehe. Thanks Tiffany! I am hoping it turns out good enough for someone to want to steal it, lol!

  2. Can't wait to see your new thread organizer!

    I have never personally lost thread, but each of my projects get their own bobbin box and I am a bit on the anal side when it comes to organization, but that doesn't mean I probably won't do it someday! My chair has eaten a bobbin or two, but I always manage to get them back eventually.

    1. I do take the bobbins I want out and keep them separate for projects too but that doesn't stop me losing them! lol

  3. I'm sorry you lost your thread, but you came up with a great solution and your stitching looks great! My furniture frequently eats my thread. I look forward to seeing your new floss storage system.

    1. Thanks Kate, this weekend I am hoping to make some more progress and my assistant is very keen to start work again.

  4. Hasn't happened to me yet, but that's only because I MUST have all my threads for each project before I start and they stay together until the project is finished.

    Looking forward to seeing your new storage system.

    1. A-ha! Thats the key thing Bea, keeping them together! lol


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