30 Jun 2015

10 nail polishes you need to be wearing! (27)

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Thanks for all the comments about my thread organiser - I should start jotting down some notes on why I made the design choices that I did as in the planning stages I went through a variety of ideas and found out what did and didn't work for me.

Before I start with my top ten, I really need to thank Angie at Miaminas Musings for sending me some fabric that she no longer wanted/needed. I really have NO excuse for not getting some stitching done :) She has been so generous and I am truly grateful. So altogether....


So, today I have decided to post my top ten favourite nail polish colours, random but fun and I would love to know your views on nail polish.

As for me, I tend to lean more towards darker colours and avoid candy colours (not very summery of me!) and also I am not crazy about really long nails or funky designs, patterns or jewels etc. Give me the simple life when it comes to nails. So without further ado...lets go check them out...

1. This colour is Marsala and the Pantone colour of 2015 and I do like it. Its these darker rich reds that appeal to me more than the tomato reds.

I knew this was gonna be the color of the year! been seeing it everywhere :):) 2015 Color of the Year

2. But..again..I have to be contrary, but the closest I am willing to get to traffic light red is this one and I think mainly because of the metallic sheen.

Like so many others, I have searched for the perfect shade of red. O.P.I.'s "I'm Not Really a Waitress" is a great option if you have pale/pink skin like me. Another plus is the long-wearing quality I've found with all O.P.I. nail lacquers. My toes are ready for summer!

3. In my traditional simple style I do like a good french manicure.

Classic White Tipped French Manicure Design

4. I also like flesh tones, but lean more towards pinky flesh than beige as I think that the beige tone is better suited to a more mature woman.

Best Nude Nail Polish Shades for Every Skin Tone Heart Over Heels 

5. I said before that the candy colours aren't really my thing, but this pink I do like and is probably as summery as it gets, as I am drawn more to those autumn and winter shades.

beautiful color, works so well with the pale skin

6. If I do want to make a statement, a sort of shout out to everyone to let them know that I am wearing nail polish then this is a colour I would definitely opt for. It is almost too much but I'd cope. 

China Glaze's "Frostbite" - I love this because it goes on super shimmery and is a totally eye-popping color. Looks good on dark, tan, or pale skin. Versatile!

7. Whilst perusing some of my favourites I came across this grey and fell in love, its a colour that I wouldnt naturally think of to wear but I think its nice, and I do like silver too.

The Right Nail Polish Color For Your Zodiac Sign

8. What sort of monster would I be if I didnt have a purple colour here! This one is quite bright but nice, right? Its sort of a dark blue/purple.

Such stunning purple polish! More info: https://sonailicious.com/opi-i-carol-about-you-opi-snow-globetrotter-swatches-review/

9. This is another which I am calling purple but is more of a burgundy purple. 

Plum Full of Cheer by OPI - nails - Looks que van con Mosca Footwear 2013

10. And lastly but not least...the dark blue that is probably hands down (no pun intended) the most worn colour for me.

Can You Use a Gel Topcoat Over Regular Nail Polish?: Daily Beauty Reporter : Yesterday I received the following email from a colleague here at Allure: “This weekend I was at the salon getting my hair done and the woman shampooing my hair said she always gets a gel topcoat on her manicures—JUST...

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to visit Keebs and her Disney movie extravaganza (and to think I didn't even know she liked Disney! heheeheheh.) and also Tiffany and her lovely lists too and maybe check out some of those recipes, yummy! 


  1. I love blues and oranges. But I only ever wear nail polish on my toenails - it all seems to go wrong on my fingers and highlights the fact that all my nails are a different shape!

    1. Blues are best! Oddly I don't do my feet - we could always synchronise! hehehe

  2. Not really a polish person myself, but I do love to see a set of beautifully done nails. I think I would go for a darker colour myself, being one of the more mature women (snicker).

    1. Hehe...yes, i agree to nicely done. When they are chipped theyre not so good.

  3. I tend to go dark as well. I wear black most days...a layover from my goth days, but purples and blues are big ones for me too, especially if they are metallic or have sparkles. Gray tends to be a hot color this season so far and I've worn a couple of different shades of it too. Pinks and pale colors just don't work for me because of my skin tone (and I'm NOT a fan of pink anyway). I always want to wear read, but again, it doesn't work on me.

    1. Erm...any photographic evidence of this grey?

    2. Not readily available, but I have one that is pretty similar to the one you have above, just a bit softer and then I have a really pale one that's pretty cool too.

  4. I can't wear polish on my fingers, but I was an avid toenail polish wearer for many years. I stopped the last few years since I never wear open-toes at work. Definitely bright colours for me, and cobalt blue is my first choice.

  5. First off....you are very welcome! it's always fun to share with other stitcher's :)

    I love those purples! Very me! I do tend to gravitate towards purple, although I rarely wear it on my fingers, mainly toenails. I don't bite my fingernails but they do break very easily and it's a real chore to keep them looking nice and wearing varnish seems to highlight the fact that they look naff!

    1. Thats one of my pet peeves about nail varnish, is that it doesnt always stay perfect for so long. Thanks again.


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