7 May 2015

H@me [may contain spoilers*]


I went to see this with my niece - the same one I saw Spongebob with! We actually went straight after seeing Spongebob as we were so disappointed and hoped this would cheer us up. I had heard mixed rumblings but we gave it a shot. I had also seen the trailer and thought it looked like a very similar premise to Lilo and Stitch - a much under rated movie if there ever was one!


I expected it to be better than Spongebob. I also thought it might be funny but wasn't too sure how funny.


An alien race called the Boov are known for running away, and they run away to earth where they abduct all it inhabitants and relocate them to australia and then they inhabit their homes. They are scared of a race called the Gorgon than tears up worlds looking for them.  

Jim Parsons character 'Oh' accidentally sends a party e-vite the whole universe including the Gorgon but does eventually cancel send. He meets a young human girl who wasnt abducted as she was mistaken for her cat called 'Pig' and they team up to save the world and find her mother.


It was better than expected, it was funny and I enjoyed it. There were two sad bits (both different kinds of sad) and they worked as at one part my niece was crying big sobs next to me. 

Jim Parsons voice did start to grate on me after the first hour but it was bearable, I wasnt a fan of his speech pattern it was too Yoda like or any other movie alien for that matter and lacked originality.


It was good and made up for a bad Spongebob. 

  • Me - 6/10
  • IMDb - 6.8/10
  • Metascore - 55/100
  • Rotten Tomatoes - 46%
    • Audience score - 69%
    • Average score - 3.8/5
As you can see the audience liked it more than the critics.

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