11 May 2015

Challenge yourself!

A new week!

I have finished playing with my blog for the time being (I just need to add the social media icons back again) and instead of using that as a procrastination tactic I need to be a little more productive. One good thing was that I managed to do was to sync all my craft blog posts with this blog - so everything is in the one place and you may have noticed the tabs above for different categories of post.

After my last waffle post, I straight away began to think of things that I could do every day for thirty days, and I came up with a mere two ideas;

  1. In an effort to be more positive and less cynical I thought I could post something positive that I could take from each day, always looking for that silver lining. 
  2. 30 days of lists - I am a list writer and this definitely appealed to me.
I only received a comment from one person, but what a great person Tiffany is, and her suggestions were:
  1. Write every day - say 500 words a day.
  2. 30 days of Christmas projects (whether ones I've made or found).
  3. 30 days of movies.
As you can see, hers are more challenging than mine and it occurred to me that I was purposely making myself challenges that I couldn't fail at, which doesn't make them a challenge...I checked...

"something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle,contest, special effort, etc.:"

I have underlined special effort as this is the type of challenge I view this as.

Of the five challenges I have decided to do four of them, I shall leave off the movie challenge as I have started to post my film reviews already.

First up, I am going with the lists....and I shall start this challenge tomorrow! Please feel free to join in and write your own lists...I am opting for 10 items in each list, subject matter of your own choosing or if you want to link to this blog you can follow the theme.

That's all for now folks!

I'm listing!....do we need a badge?? We do!..


  1. :) That sounds interesting, and I may join you. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! I have managed to come up with 24 list ideas already just from the top of my head, so now I have a list of lists...wait....lol! Feel free to join in as and when inspiration strikes :D

    2. You've inspired me to do a really challenging one and give up refined sugar for 30 days, which includes chocolate... this will be tough. I think I can do lists fairly easily, but ask me again at day 20.

    3. ALL refined sugar! i have given up chocolate for lent before and it was ok. But I wouldn't do it again, lol! I am having to change my foods though to help my RA so any survival tips from you will be great :)
      I am glad i only opted to start with lits......hehehehh
      Good Luck Tiffany, You can do it!

  2. Gee willikers! You've either been really busy or I've been out of blog reading for too long!

    1. lol! Hiya :) I did some consolidating so all stitchy posts are here too and goes back to Sept 2011!!! Good to see you about x

    2. I had already started watching one Disney movie a night until I had cleared my entire Disney movie library in anticipation of Disneyland, but I stopped during Zach.

      I was trying to think of what kind of list I could do, but instead I think I'll just restart the Disney movie binge (I'll probably just start over though, it might be easier). I could do a post the following day with reviews or comments or whatevers on the movie.


    3. Yay! A challenge is a challenge and I am glad to have you along, I actually wacthed the original Cinderella with Naomi on Sunday and I really enjoyed it, maybe more than when I was a kid. Watching her face was priceless...especially when the glass slipper broke...then quick as you like she said...'Don't worry! She still has the other one' She loved it. And the mice are definitely the stars of that movie.

    4. I've got to finish Spooks first though...just now in series 4.


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