22 May 2015

10 TV shows I can watch on repeat (9)

I like certain shows but I rarely repeat watch. Even shows that I enjoyed the first time I saw them I have rarely watched since that first viewing. Maybe it is something I will do. But for this list I have the shows that I will watch repeats of. Most are comedies, as I guess there are no spoilers with the storylines, and a couple are guilty pleasures.

I thought this would be easy...I thought...let's see how I get on!

1.       Friends
This is a clip from one of my favourite episodes where they put the scary books in the freezer :)

2.       Only fools and horses
A show that I will always love, and the jokes are classic jokes, but my love may also be influenced by having watched it in my childhood.

3.       Buffy
I have the boxset of this and every now and again watch some episodes, I am sure there are a few I haven't seen. It all looks so dated looking back but I guess that's to be expected.

4.       Black Books
When I was burgled they stole my boxset of this and I was mid way through reviewing it! , If you click on the Film/TV page above you will be able to scroll through and see some of the reviews or alternatively type black books into the search box.

5.       Scrubs
I love Scrubs, Dr Cox is my favourite character and his comments and insults make me laugh the most, I even like series 8!!

6.       Nip/Tuck
I havent watched all episodes, the clip is from the pilot, but I have the boxset and I do intend to work my way through them. Some of the themes are really good.

7.       Modern Family
I like this show, when I saw it advertised, read the info and watched the trailer, I thought it would be rubbish! I started watching it and now I love it, Phil Dunphy is my favourite in this show, but the other characters are all close seconds.

8.       Columbo

Columbo is great and I love how he acts like he has no clue whilst all the time revealing the evidence.

9.       Murder She Wrote

Just a clip of the theme tune as all the others were full episodes! Not entirely sure why I watch this, generally its only if nothing else is on, but I can watch episodes that I have seen already. Is that a good enough reason?

10.   Poirot

Another mystery show with the grand 'How it was done reveal' which I seem to enjoy, Poirot is brilliant and I love David Suchet in the role but I also liked Peter Ustinov as Poirot too. This clip has Emily Blunt in it!

I would love any recommendations you have on TV shows that I must watch from start to finish, maybe you have a favourite show? 


  1. I agree with some of your choices. Although I'd take Diagnosis Murder over Murder She Wrote... both as silly as each other though!

    1. Oh yeah, I like that show too but both silly! hehe.

  2. You tend to lean more American, and I tend to lean more toward British...some series have to be watched in order, some don't, and I assume that's more what you're talking about here. MIranda, Midsomer Murders, Stella, Gavin & Stacey, Vicar of Dibley, and Wings are the ones that come to mind as far as random watching (although most of those don't show on American TV, so I have to whip out the DVD's which means they are probably gonna get watched in order anyway).

    Serial shows tend to lean more American for me...Veronica Mars, ER, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and then Doctor Who, Monday Monday, etc. Those I tend to watch a lot, but always in order.

    1. There are plenty of British shows I could add but they are relatively obscure and plus there are soooooo many american shows :) I like all the shows you mention (except Stella) but only the Vicar of Dibley and Miranda are ones I would rewatch.
      I used to like the Vampire Diaries but then the storylines began to grate - I'm too cynical. lol!
      I have just started watching Pretty Little Liars which I quite like, a few things about the storylines annoy me but they are easier to overlook.

  3. Great list! Poirot is one of my favourite shows of all time, that and Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett. For my other favourites, Stargate SGI then Atlantis work better in order, Bones can be watched any way, but in order helps character development. Those are 2 of my favourites if I'm calling Stargate a single entity. (skip Stargate Universe though)

    1. I've not watched Bones, well I vaguely recollect an episode or two, but maybe it is something I will have to start from the beginning.

  4. You made me go check out what I have on video/DVD that I repeat. The Peter Wimsey mysteries, Miss Marple (Joan Hickson version), Inspector Lynley, MacGyver and Murdoch Mysteries seem to be looked at the most.

    1. I love that Miss Marple too, I'm not that thrilled with the new version.

    2. Joan Hickson is my fave too! A long time ago I wrote this post: http://suddenlykateshow.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/a-is-for.html

  5. Wow!! So with you all on most of these! Don't forget Hart To Hart and Father Brown and Dr. Blake and........

    1. Ive not seen Dr Blake but its seems the mysteries, even when we know the outcome, are still rewatchable.


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