30 May 2015

10 delicious delicacies to dunk (10)

I am currently on holiday in a place in Norfolk called Heacham. It is a holiday park situated beside the only west facing coast on the east coast. It is about five minutes from Hunstanton which is a typical English seaside. This is the fifth annual family holiday and reminds me of my youth. At least for one week out of the year.

Anyway, today's post is delicious delicacies to dunk! Yummmmmmm.....

Is there anything as de-stressing as dunking a biscuit? Here are some of my favourites.

1. Rich tea.
Rich tea biscuits are plain and simple and with just the right amount of timing you can dip them so that the outside is soft but the centre stays crunchy. Timing is really important with this biscuit as a second too long and you get an island in your cup of tea/coffee/milk. Some people may choose a digestive as their plain biscuits of choice but these make me feel like spitting! TMI?

2. Bourbons
These are a chocolate flavoured biscuit, small rectangle sandwiching some chocolate cream filling. A favourite used to be of dipping this into ice cold milk. My medication has messed with my tastebuds and I can't drink it anymore and so I have stopped eating bourbons but they are still included in this list. Yum!

3. Dark chocolate covered hobnobs.
These also should only be dipped in milk. But...can be eating without dipping...warning: slightly delicious.

4. Custard creams.
The best dipping biscuit for coffee lovers by far in my humble opinion. I consider them synonymous. That is all.

5. Ginger biscuits.
I prefer ginger snaps and again milk is best, I find that when dunking in a hot drink it can make the ginger taste much hotter instead of general ginger warmth.

6. Shortbread
Shortbread is a biscuit that you can nibble and still it clumps up in your mouth and feels like you've taken off a huge bite. Most may prefer coffee to tea with this but I am actually on the fence as to which is best.

7. Viennese fingers
Possibly my favourite biscuit EVER! Again nice dunked in milk. I had not really thought about it but my biscuit eating has been greatly reduced since I have been unable to drink milk.

Ok, so this is as far as I got with this post whilst on holiday! I should have taken the laptop but its at least a lesson learned.

Items 7-10....I actually came unstuck so will be choosing the best three suggestions in the comments!


  1. Replies
    1. HI cucki, nice to hear from you! i hope you have made a full recovery :)

  2. A common cookie they use on this side of the pond is biscotti. I'm not really a dunker anymore, although I used to do it when I was younger. Grandma's (brand name) ginger cookies in tea were my favourite.

  3. I'm a confirmed biscotti dunker, although since I don't do coffee it's either tea or milk.

  4. I'm not much of a dunker, cookies tend to turn milk greasy and remind me why I shouldn't be eating them in the first place...must keep my vices pure!


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