1 Sep 2013


Hello...How are you?...I'm officially fine...unofficially I have been upended and then upended again and am now swaying gently in the breeze.

I got ahead of myself last time when I said how great September would be...it was too soon for me to say such a thing, what with it still being August for another day.

My niece was two on Saturday, and instead of staying in having my usual lazy Saturday I went to my sisters for  a BBQ. It was a nice afternoon and it was relatively chilled out. Then I had a phone call to tell me that my house was on fire.

Dad: Hello, where are you?
Me: Emmas
Dad: Get home now! Your house is on fire.
Me: Ha Ha very funny!
Dad: Joan rang me...
Me: Ok, I'm leaving now.

I arrived home within ten minutes to find smoke still billowing, three fire engines, and ambulance and police and everyone who lives in our little row standing outside their houses.

I discovered that the fire happened when my neighbour had a BBQ and went out to the shop leaving it alone and his girlfriend was still in the house. I spoke to him some time later and he told me that the person in the house had tried to put it out but couldn't and had instead fled the house and sat sobbing at the end of the street!

The damage was to the conservatory and the side storage shed that runs parallel to the house, all of it cinders,, my cat Muse was nowhere to be seen. The shed was mainly full of tools etc. but I had stored my Christmas things in there. Being a Christmas fanatic I have quite a lot...well I had...I am disappointed as all my cross stitch Christmas exchange pieces that I participated in last year and the year before were in there and are now no more. Stuff like that gets to me more than the conservatory. I did lose all my books too but that's life I suppose.

Eventually, Muse came out of hiding when she get wet and the relief was overwhelming, I know she is just a cat but she's my cat and is now staying with a neighbour.

I was advised to stay somewhere else just for the one night and after it was secured I went to my mothers.....

I woke up early this morning and went to check the house, having been in it the night before I had been so relieved that it was ok, and only smelled smokey. When I stepped into the house I realised that in my absence I had been burgled. If it wasn't my life it would be quite funny! It was just plain annoying and I have spent most of the day with police and the crime scene officer. One random item that was taken was the remaining cross stitch exchange piece that I had swapped at Halloween, I had been using it as a book end, I guess the burglar knew quality stitching when they saw it!

My sister seems to think it has something to do with having a black cat and living at number 13 but I think it is just unfortunate that I happen to live next to moronic neighbours and then near to opportunistic burglars.

Anyway, we can add a bow on this post as I was only unemployed for 40minutes on Friday and start my new job in the morning! Yippee...the clouds are clearing ;)

My next flash fiction may refer to stupidity, neighbours, unbelievable, opportunistic, fire and disappointment...so just wanted to warn you all! lol

I will try again...raise your glass of choice (I have baileys!) and join me in toasting better days :)

Kate xx


  1. Wow. That is a terrible weekend! I'll certainly join the toast. Good luck with the new job. I hate burglars - vile scum. Hopefully what goes around comes around.

    1. Yay! What you drinking? Cheers :)

  2. I hated to hear about your bad luck, but I'm glad you are okay!

  3. At least the job news is good news. I hope you get everything else sorted soon.

    1. Yep, I'm sure I will :) I'm an eternal optimist!

  4. Kate,
    Awwww! I'm so sorry to hear about the fire. I'm glad to know that you and your cat are okay. Good news on the job.

    I hope those burglars trip on their shoelaces and fall off a cliff...LOL!


  5. I don't like to swear too much on other people's blogs but, fucking hell Kate! That's an awful run.of luck if ever I've heard one. The burglars must have known that you'd be staying elsewhere due to the fire. I hope they catch 'em.

    1. Yep, the week has improved but still had the odd - seriously?! - moment...thanks and swearing admitted on this occasion! lol I was swearing too!

  6. Holy cow! How awful! I'm so glad your kitty is okay. Good luck with the new job. I hope that's all the bad luck you have for the rest of your life!

  7. Oh Kate! You must be gutted that this happened. Who steals cross stitch? So bizarre! It sounds though that this is the end of the road for bad stuff to happen since you got a new job! Congrats on that!

    1. I know! Its crazy - obviously thought it was a collectible - soooo annoying! Thanks for the kind wishes :)


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