6 Sep 2013


I havent blogged for a while...and so here is some flash...cant think for the life of me where I got the inspiration...? It is my 300th post too! Summary in the next blog post :) Have a great weekend.


The fire lapped at her feet, burnishing her toes as they worked their way up her calves, seductively entwining and clinging to her limbs as they dragged their destruction to her torso.


The blistering heat smothered her organs and they shrivelled under its duress, turning her into a smouldering human rattle.


Flames tickled her d├ęcolletage creating a necklace of pyrographic graffiti all the way to her dimpled chin.


Her face a molten mask of what once was, caused the fire to crackle, as her tears met in battle against the relentless foe.


Her eyes closed in finality and were instantly sealed shut.


Her last thought became ash and crumbled to the floor.


  1. Well written! Brings to mind a witch burning. Your sentence structure was very playful, yet brutal. A nice juxtaposition.

    Also, congratulations on your 300th post. You've almost caught me up now!

    1. Lol! You just summed me up...playful yet brutal ;) just kidding. Thanks and you are the second person to provide feedback that differs from what was in my head yet makes so much sense. I guess it is always open to interpretation and I like that. The other person went Freudian. Thanks again.


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