29 Jul 2013

#MondayMixer : Fly Away

This weeks Monday Mixer!

I am attempting Over Achiever by using all 9 prompt words. It was really difficult as the first draft had 234 words. As this challenge is restricted to 150 words I wasn't quite sure how I would be able to express what I wanted to. I hope that I have managed that.

Here is some music to accompany it!

and the story of course!

Fly Away

Tom stood, unabashedly, outside the postern. They couldn’t ban him. 

Friends warned him of a bruit circulating, that if he made an appearance then he would be forcibly removed, for fear he may get obstreperous. Having run the full gamut of emotions already he sobbed, “I have always been there for him. This day will be no different.” 

Anguish bubbled in his throat as he made one last check of his kludge, relieved it was copacetic, he entered the church, kneeling beside the coffin to say his final goodbye.   John had sculpted his instrument for him, and Tom had surprised him by producing a sound that mirrored their love; strong, vibrant, tender and pure.  

Spraddling it, he pulled back the bow, each string began to ululate. Tom’s gasps of sorrow barely muted by the music, as every cell (tremulous with grief) throbbed with the emptiness of a life without John.  

As usual, any feedback is devoured and feasted upon! :)


  1. Oh, I love the description of the cello and its notes! Really works with his grief...

    1. Thanks Lisa :) I think it has turned out a bit stilted due to my massacre to match the word count :( Tom was such a lovely fellow too! Off to read yours now :)

  2. Yes, interesting to have a musical instrument ululate. I always think of a person when I hear the word, but your use is quite appropriate!

    1. Hi KR, thanks, I'm glad you think so. I love stringed instruments as they seem to hold so much emotional energy.


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